• Season 3, Ep 5

David Keeps Ashley

David makes the difficult decision to send Sarah home in order to spend more time with Ashley.

07/27/2016 · 1:37

>> David, it's now time to

choose your keeper.

Who's it going to be?

>> Sarah, I have absolutely

nothing but the fondest memories

of our time together.

I do believe that this has

become too much of a strain.

Ashley, I'm very interested

in--in getting to know you


You make me laugh like I haven't

laughed very much since I've

been here.

You know, so, for that reason, I

would like to have an

opportunity to get to know you

more and ask you to be my keeper

if you'll stay.

>> Of course. Thank you.

>> I enjoyed my time with you


We had some good laughs, and I

wish you nothing but the best,

and I want you to experience

this to the fullest.

>> Best of luck to you.

>> You too.

>> I realized that I have high

expectations, and it's hard for

me to like control whether I

find somebody and love somebody.

I'm a fighter, and I don't

hardly quit, you know?

But, it's tough.

I'll miss Sarah.

I'll miss her greatly.

>> Congratulations.

Have fun, and I'll see you guys

next week.

>> Bye, guys.

>> Bye, guys.

>> Best of luck to ya'll.

>> It breaks my heart because,

of course, I don't want to


It's really hard.

So, I know I'll be in the back

of his head.

I'm very, very happy I got that


>> ♪