• Season 3, Ep 5

Natalie Keeps David

Natalie decides to keep David although she is concerned about whether or note he is ready for a relationship.

07/27/2016 ยท 1:04

>> Natalie and David, it is now

time to choose your keepers for

this week.

Natalie, you only have two guys

to pick from so make sure you

choose carefully.

>> David, I felt instantly

comfortable with you and it was

so easy.

But I'm not sure if you're ready

for the type of relationship

that I'm looking for.

JT, when you walked up to me

you, right away, made me feel so


You were saying all the right

things, and I couldn't wait to

go on our date.

>> Natalie, who would you like

to be your keeper this week?

>> This wasn't an easy decision,

but I've decided that my keeper

will be...


>> Congratulations, David.

Come on over and join Natalie.

>> Man, Natalie is crazy as

[bleep] for eliminating me, man.

I feel like she made the biggest

mistake of her life.

I guess she's not ready for all

these guns.

You know, so it is what it is.

>> Okay, David.