• Season 3, Ep 5 · Bonus

Sarah Teaches Naked Yoga

With some help from David, Sarah leads the daters in some naked yoga on the beach.

07/27/2016 · 2:27

>> ♪

♪ When I met you

♪ I saw everything

♪ I know you now ♪

>> So, what's next?

>> What?

>> She had an idea, actually.

>> What was your idea?

>> Oh, no.

>> I don't know if you guys are

up for a little yoga.

I've taken a lot of yoga

classes, but I've never like

actually taught one, so,

I thought like why not teach

one naked on the beach in

Bora Bora with everyone?

So, first thing is hands down.

We're just gonna take a couple

of deep breaths.

Hands up.

Deep breath in.

Blow it out.

Hands down.

>> Yeah, Sarah, Sarah definitely

took charge of the yoga.

She seemed like she knew what

she was doing and, so,

it was impressive.

>> SARAH: Now shake your head


>> Shake your head?

>> "Yes and no."

Put your head down.

>> It helps release the tension

in your neck and in your back.

>> [bleep].

>> 'Cause we're all a little

tense right now.

We're all a little tense

right now.

>> Is there more alcohol?

>> I know.

>> Right. Yeah.

>> It's all right here.

>> SARAH: All right, let's go.

>> We're all naked,

on the beach.

There's so many balls


David, like he was gonna set up

shop right in front of me

and, I mean, don't ever bend

over in front of me with all

your balls.

It's just so balls.

I don't know.

There's something about balls

that gross me out.

I'll never look at you again

the same.

>> What you doing?

>> Hey!

>> SARAH: Okay, so, another one

is you're gonna just lower your

knees as if you were gonna put

them on the mat, but you're not

putting them down, and then

you're gonna go back up.

>> [laughing]

>> What about the tree pose?

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, the tree pose.

>> This one's got us down.

>> I was actually practicing

the tree--

I do yoga all the time back

in New York and I've never

done it naked, always clothed,

every single time.

We've gotta do this.

>> I can't do that.

>> And then...

When we did the tree pose,

I actually led the tree pose.

That was interesting,

to say the least, as the lower

you go, the more exposed your

family jewels are.

>> What are you, a willow?

>> I'm like a...I'm like a tree

that got hit by a hurricane.

>> Look at that.

>> It's like it needs to get--

>> Okay, that's not a bad tree.

That's not bad.

>> All right, that's good.

>> How long do we hold this?

We done?

>> Y'all supposed to lower.

>> Lower?

>> Yeah, lower.

>> I'm not great at all naked

yoga, but whatever that tree

thing was, I was pretty solid.

My base got the tree thing

pretty down pat.

>> The next thing, we're gonna

take a deep breath in.

>> [laughs]

>> Just like...

>> SARAH: Hold 'em up.

Bring 'em down.


Namaste and bow.

>> Namaste.

>> Good job, Sarah.

>> ALL: [applauding]