• Season 5, Ep 13 · Bonus

Angel Love Didn’t Know About The Portugal Trip

Brandi and Duffey invite Angel Love out to shop for luggage. Brandi talks about the Portugal trip, but Angel Love didn’t know anything about it.

10/02/2016 · 2:29

[music playing]

DUFFEY: It's cold today.


Like, we're notin LA right now.


BRANDI (VOICEOVER): I'm superexcited to go on this trip.

And you know, I needall new [bleep].

So I need some new luggagepieces and everything.

BRANDI: Do you all carry Louis?

DUFFEY: I don't want no Louis.

I ain't got no Louis money.

I'm on a budget.

If your man do, you do.

What are you talking about?

Well, he got to buy me clothes.


Hi, pretty girl.


BRANDI: Where's your waist?

I mean, like--


Left that at home.


ANGEL LOVE (VOICEOVER): Sotoday I'm meeting Duffey

and Brandi at a luggage store.

For what?

I do not know.

I'm like, where are there going?

And why they buying luggage?

They ain't already got luggage?


We're picking upluggage for the trip.


Wait a minute, what--wait, wait, wait,

wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

What trip?

DUFFEY: On the girls' trip.

Where are we going?



[music playing]

ANGEL LOVE: I need to know.

Why are you all doing this?

OK.DUFFEY: No, I swear--

I feel bad.

ANGEL LOVE: Y'all stop it.

DUFFEY: I reallythought you know.

Like, for real.No, for real for real.

[music playing]

Somebody tell me.

Jackie, Jackie's trip.

She didn't tellme about the trip.

DUFFEY: You're lying.

I don't know about the trip.

Oh, we're going to Portugal.

You're not going?

DUFFEY: We're all going.

Jackie might justnot told her yet.


Jackie said she hadn't toldeverybody in the group yet.

And she said,don't say anything.



I think I opened my mouthand ruined the surprise.

Jackie's going to kill me.


DUFFEY: Well, hey look.

Don't tell Jackie you know.

Act surprised.


This is going to be hardfor me because if Jackie

don't invite me, I got totell her sooner or later.


I don't know.

I got to see how this works out.

OK, so I feel reallystupid, but you're going.

ANGEL LOVE: I mean, don't--

BRANDI: Even ifyou have to-- look,

your booty mightnot be able to fit.

My booty?


But you can fitin this luggage.


I would be--

You can fit in that luggage.

ANGEL LOVE: I ain't gettingin that damn suitcase.

BRANDI: Let's go.


-Oh, this is perfect.-Yeah.

You can fit in there.You can do it.

-Uh uh.-You can do it.

Listen---But I ain't going like that.


DUFFEY: Hey, look,all you got to do--


Duffey, Duffey, you do it good.

DUFFEY: All you gottado is get in there.

Look, this is the plan.

[laughter]ANGEL LOVE: Did good, though.

You know, I ain'tgetting in that [bleep].

I'll be in first classwith y'all, so don't even

worry about it.