• Season 5, Ep 13

Duffey Regrets Coming On The Trip

Duffey’s get emotional after learning Tami doesn’t want to be around her during the trip. She regrets missing her son’s graduation for the sake of the trip.

10/02/2016 · 3:01

- I don't want it to bean elephant in the room,

so I want to make surethat you guys understand

that some things have beenbrought to my attention.

- Based on the fact thatI'm nosy as [bleep],

I decide me and Shaunie should stay at the door

and listen to hearwhat they were gonna

actually be talking about.

- Tami is totally against

having any affiliation

or interactionwith you throughout the trip.

She has threatened to not onlyleave,

but as to bevery angry with me

if you guys are to interactor cross paths.

- When'd you find that out?- Just now.

Like, a couple hours ago, so--

- Why would she mess upthe trip like that though?

- I thought it would be okay,you know what I mean?

Because I wantall of you guys here.

You're all my friends...- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- So I'm gonna invite you.- So are you gonna listen

to that and you're gonnago by that?

How about we just try this for--like, why don't you

try the fact--like, get ustogether and then keep them

to see how it works?- And that's what I want to do,

Brandi, and I lovewhat you're saying right now.

Malaysia also spoke outand tried to say the same thing.

- I just--and I did.- She is not feeling it.

- I just really wish thatshe'll just put her--

I don't know if it's anger,pride, or...

her wants to the sidefor you for a girls trip

and just have fun.

- I do appreciate this advice that I'm being given.

Great, love that.Thank you, Brandi.

- I feel likeit's not even a big deal.

Like, there's some thingsthat she can come to

that Tami will stay behindand some things that she--

- On a girls trip? That's whack.- I mean, it is whack,

but it's the--it's the situationthat we're dealing with.

- But I feel like we've allbeen in situations

where we've been in a roomwith somebody we don't like

as this group,so for me to have to come

halfway across the world--

- Don't cry, Duffey, 'cause nowyou gonna make me cry.

- I missedmy son's graduation today.

My son is leaving mefor 30 days.

I had one more weekto spend time with my son,

and I decided to come on thisstupid-ass [bleep] trip.

- Listen, listen,it's okay.

- When I could have spent moretime with my son.

That's why I'm upset right now.- Listen.

- I would have stayedfor my kid graduation,

and then I would havecame after

because I don't--I really don'tthink that

this is a crying moment.- And I'm here,

and I did that for youbecause I appreciated it.

- I know, Duffey,I know, and I want her--

- And now I feel--I feelreally [bleep] stupid

for even being here.- No, no, I don't--

- I feel really [bleep] dumb.

- Well, bitch, you're dumb.

You're dumb as [bleep],as a matter of fact

because if my kidwas graduating,

ain't no way in the hellI would have came to this trip.

- Brandi, will you pleasetalk to her?

I don't want her to be upset.- Like, why would I come

halfway across the world to be excluded?

That's so whack. - How you gonna be excluded?

You're not excluded.

- I wish I would have knownbefore I came

halfway across the--- You knew.

- No, I [bleep] did not.

If I would have knownI was walking into a situation

that somebody said, "Hey,you could do half of the stuff

with us and half you can't,"I would not be here.

[dramatic music]