• Season 3, Ep 10 · Bonus

Natalie and David Host A Naked Debate

A naked debate among the daters turns into a questionnaire to find the best match for Natalie and David.

08/31/2016 · 2:49

>> ♪

♪ When I met ya

♪ I saw everything

♪ I know you now ♪

>> So, wait, we've been talking

about this for a minute, and I

think tonight would be the best

night to do this.


>> Debating naked.


>> What the [bleep] is that

[bleep] about?

>> DAVID: Oh, we haven't made it

up yet.

>> As far as naked debating, it

has the word naked in it.

You know what I mean?

So...I'm open.


>> Let's do, let's go.

>> Let's change the scenery.

>> HELEN: Will we be debating


Uh, that's a real question.


>> Debating naked question one.

If you are really into David,

and you want to spend time with

him, but somebody isn't allowing

you to, how would you react?

And why?


>> Okay.

I feel like, if a guy likes you,

he will let you know.

And if he doesn't let you know,

then he's not making you

a priority.

And that's just--that's how it


>> I support that answer.

But I be like, "Bitch, what?"

Just kidding.


>> NATALIE: All right.

Michelle, what is your favorite

characteristic about David?

>> Wow, I mean, I feel like

there's just so many.

I don't know.

I just feel like we have a

special--special bond, so it's

kind of not able to put into


>> ♪

>> So we just connect on a very

intense level.


>> What is your favorite

characteristic about Natalie?

>> Just her overall aura pulls

you aside, makes everything feel


I appreciate that aspect.

>> I don't know if they

understand what a debate is.

It's when like people are

debating something.

It was more of a questionnaire.

Like they were just asking us

questions, and then we would


>> Night sex or morning sex?

>> I actually really like

afternoon sex, just in between

like lunchtime and stuff.

It's--it's really fun.

There is no debate going on


>> The thing is, when you have

affection for somebody that you

have a connection with, you're

having sex all day long.

>> ♪

>> Honestly, I don't remember a

lot from last night.

Uh, I was still conscious, but I

just--I woke up and I was like,

"What happened last night?"

>> What is the one thing you

would love to do with David

while he's naked?

>> Oh, [bleep], man.

>> An activity.

>> The one thing I would love to

do with David, an activity,

is for him to...

>> NICK: [bleep] damn.

>> Have his anaconda bite you?

>> I only bang on the first


And I only do cocaine on my ass

on first dates.


>> [laughing]

Ladies and gentlemen, Helen


>> What up, dawg?

>> [laughs] Oh, my God.


>> [laughing]

>> You were--you touched my

tittie so much tonight.

>> NICK: Lord Jesus have mercy.