• Season 3, Ep 10

David Keeps Michelle For A Second Time

After Natalie calls out Michelle, David decides to chooser her as his Keeper again, anyway.

08/31/2016 ยท 1:33

>> Michelle, I see right through


You are always clinging to him,

straddling him, holding

him, what have you.

But, to me, it's more than just

holding on to him.

I never see you talking to him.

>> You're not in the room so you

can't hear us talking.

>> That's okay.

I'm trying to look for David

more than anything.

So I just--I really hope

that what you're saying is true.

>> Absolutely.

>> And I hope that, David--

>> Oh my God.

>> --this connection is real.

>> I feel like you are, kind of,

judging me and maybe saying

certain things to David that I

feel are not your place to say

or true.

>> So, David, who do you want to

be your keeper this week?

>> Oh my goodness.

I would like to ask Michelle if

she would be my keeper

for this week.

There was a lot of concern

about, you know, Natalie and I's

dynamic after the kiss.

And to be able to try to balance

continuing to grow with Michelle

without compromising what

Natalie and I have is very, very

difficult proposition.

>> All right, Michelle, why

don't you come on over and join


>> I'm irritated because David

chose Michelle,

even after we kissed.

But I can only tell David that

he's making the wrong decision

so many times.

David's gonna follow his other

head instead of his real head.

>> Natalie and David, only two

weeks left.

So, enjoy your time with your

keepers and don't waste the


You never know what's waiting

for you around the corner.

I'll see you guys next week.