• Season 3, Ep 5 · Bonus

Dating Naked Season 3 Episode 5: Naked Bloopers

With Natalie's unique sense of humor and Ashley's obsession with balls, check out some hilarious outtakes from Dating Naked Season 3 Episode 5!

07/27/2016 · 3:14

>> ♪

♪ When I met you

♪ I saw everything

♪ I know you now ♪

>> I think my jokes are frickin'

hilarious and nobody--

>> Nobody get them, right?

Now why is that?

>> What did the five fingers

say to the face?


Wanna know my pick-up line?

>> Let me hear it.

>> All right.

If you're a pirate, would you

rather have the parrot on this

shoulder or this shoulder?

>> Oh, okay.

I don't know what it is,

but she thinks it's funny, so,

I guess that's good.

>> This is French, but...

have fun in your ménage à trois.

>> SARAH: [laughing]

>> That was English.

>> ALL: [laughing]

>> There was one word in French.

>> NATALIE: Oh, my God, oh,

my God, oh, my God, oh, my God.

I am so glad that the sharks

didn't eat his penis.

Can you imagine?

I'd have been screwed.

I'm just kidding.


You weren't supposed to look him

in the eye, they're like don't

look him in the eye, and I was

like...mm, get away.

>> One more time.

What was that?

>> NATALIE: [laughs]

>> Just one more time.

>> Save the eye and I'll

[bleep] you.

>> ALL: [laughing]

>> I thought that'd be funny.


I think it's funny.

>> You've gotta be ready.

You've gotta buckle up.

Everybody should go, though.

Louisiana is a lot of fun.

If you've never been,

you should go.

>> Actually, I've been once.

>> What part?

>> When I was like 15.

>> Oh, okay.

>> Uh, St...what?

Not St. Louis.

Where am I right now?

Finding love is horribly hard.

I don't even know where

we're at.

>> This is this Great Salt

Lake, um...

>> Oh, so, this...

Is this in Maine?

Oh, my God, I don't know what's

going on any more.

Well, every flower I've tried

to pull since I've gotten here

has been fake.

>> That one's fake [bleep] too.

>> You thought that was real?

>> And you've got a fake one--

>> He told me it was.

>> We convinced her that the TV

in our room was live feed

of the pool outside.


>> I'm getting ready to go

into the house with like six


Wow, that's a lot of balls.

Balls everywhere.


I think balls are gross.

>> Twelve.

>> Holy [bleep].

>> It's crazy.

>> A lotta balls, right, Ashley?

>> That's a lot of balls.

>> When she started talking

about penises, I know hammy

time's over.

>> You should say what I say

about yours.




>> It's gonna be cold.

>> You look like an Oompa


>> I feel like an avatar.

>> I feel like Beyoncé,

except it's like reverse wind.

Wind! Calm down.

>> What is this tattoo here?

What is this?

>> It's really meaningful.

I decided to get "To infinity

and above" tattooed on me

because I've always liked

the quote and what it means

to me.

>> Okay, "To infinity

and beyond."

>> Oh, "To infinity and beyond."

I didn't even get it right.

Oh, my God...

See, that's why I shouldn't

have it.

>> [spitting, blowing bubbles]

>> Oh.

>> I had some water in my mouth.

It wasn't 'cause of that.

>> [laughs] Lovely.

Uh, did I do something?

>> Yeah, let's dance.


>> Oh.

>> Night-night!

>> ALL: [laughing]