• Season 3, Ep 10

Natalie Keeps Connor For A Second Time

Although Natalie felt a connection with Mike, she decides to continue building a relationship with Connor.

08/31/2016 ยท 1:28

>> All right, David and Natalie.

It's time to choose your keepers

and send everyone else home.

Natalie, who was your weakest

connection this week?

>> Unfortunately, my weakest

connection...was with Nick.

Our relationship is, kind of,


And I don't know if it could

have went any further then where

it already had.

I definitely wish you nothing

but the best.

>> You too.

I'm not disappointed.

It was just, like, okay, that's

one girl that shut me down.

It's like there's more girls out


There's a million girls out

here, there's a million girls in

this ocean.

>> All right, Natalie, for this

tenth week, who would you like

to be your keeper?

>> Mike, I really like that

you're very artistic.

But I'm wondering is this just

a friendship or can it actually

go somewhere?

With Connor, you were always

able to keep reassuring that you

were there for me without being


But I'm nervous that with this

ticking clock that's happening,

that the pressure might start to

get to you more and more.

The person who I want to keep

this week...

will be Connor.

Will you be my keeper?

>> Yeah, absolutely.

>> Great.

>> I had a great time with you,

and I really hope that you find

what you're looking for here.

>> Keep writing.

>> I will. Thank you.

>> And laughing.

>> [laughing]

Peace out, Bora Bora.

You're gonna miss this laugh.

Ha, ha.

I mean that wasn't a real laugh

at all.