• Season 5, Ep 3

Malaysia + Angel Brinks Talk It Out

Malaysia invites Angel Brinks out to settle the beef. Will Malaysia be a blessing or curse for Angel?

07/24/2016 ยท 2:07

- So what isthe [bleep] problem?

- It's the disrespect,

and I'm not gonnatake it anymore.

Have you ever worked so hard,blood, soul, and tears,

to just have somebodycome to you and say,

"Hey, let's do thisamazing project together,"

to just turn aroundand bash you?

- Okay--- Do you not--let me just--

- Okay, so, but--- No, no, no, I want--no, no--

- 'Cause this is the point.This is the point.

So I'm gonna--I'm answeringyour point.

I'm answering your point.- No, no, no, no, listen.

You don't understandwhere I'm coming from, okay?

I don't have any investors.I don't have a rich husband.

[dramatic music]

- [screeches]Flag on the play, bitch.

What you mean?

I work hard for everythingthat I have and what I do,

so don't undermine that, okay?

My bedding lineis Malaysia Pargo, Bedroom Glam

by Malaysia Pargo,funded by me.

- No, no, no, regardless--- After your success--

- Regardless, it isfunded by me.

- No, no, listen, if you don'tknow what it's like to know--

to be in my shoes, then please--

- Girl, I do.- Please, and no, you don't.

- Girl, I am--I ama single woman,

single parent, mother too.

- No, you haven'tbeen single till now.

Honey, is your bedding lineanywhere?

I haven't seen itin any department stores.

Like, who are you?What do you do?

What are you so--like, bitch,do you go to work?

Like, let's be real.You collect alimony.

I don't need youto thank me on Instagram.

I don't need you to do thatif you're gonna turn back around

and say I look likea sexed-up Power Ranger.

- I can say whatever I want.- Just don't bash me.

- I didn't bash you, girl.- That's all I--Malaysia,

yes, you did.

I'm just askingfor some respect.

As a human, from personto person, just respect me.

- Listen, if you don'tdisrespect me--listen,

I give you what you give me.

I'm either a gift or a curse.

You pick which one youwant from me.

- I'm just asking youmoving forward,

if we are gonna bearound each other,

I just would like some respect.

You don't have to like me.

- Just when you hear my name,get silent.

This is the mostI've ever talked to someone

that is a non-mother[bleep]factor in my life.

She's, like, not a threat to me.

We both established that--right now

that we are not going to harm each other.

Will I trust her? No.