• Season 5, Ep 3 · Bonus

Brandi Fills Duffey In About Jason's Latest Love Attempt

Brandi talks to Duffey about Jason's romantic video at the theatre in order to win her back.

07/24/2016 · 2:23

What is this now?

Just a little bit more stuff.

Finally, Duffy andI have moved in.

You know, I love this area.

I love it.

The boats, the water.


To sisters in LA.

Oh, I got a lot to tell you.

Tell me, girl.Tell me.

Oh, this is good.

I know.

So, Jason and I haven'tseen each other, right?


We haven't talked,we haven't done

anything after [inaudible].

So I get a text, and hehad a surprise for me.

I was supposed to meet himdowntown at a movie theater.


So I go, and then, like,they give me this card,

and they were like,follow the petals.

I was like, OK.

Follow the rose petals, OK?



So the rose petals leadto the empty theater,

and then, like, as soon as Isit down, he's on the screen,

given this-- like, this big oldapology, and it was just like,

he's sorry, he loves me.

Basically, you know, itwas just, like, an apology.

He wants me back.

Did you feel he was sincere?

I mean, I've heard it before.

Like, he's a charmer, and mything is, this would be cool,

this would be dope, thiswould be actually romantic

and dope as [bleep] had youbeen on your right [bleep].

He needs to learnhow it is to be

without me, for real for real.

I feel like Brandyis definitely

doing the right thing byseparating herself from Jason,

because he's not doing right.

I know you're not looking todate, or anything like that,

but, like, there's somefish out there in this uh,

here ocean and marina now.

You might want to, uh-- I seea lot of big yachts out there.

You might need to just takea little walk out on the, uh,


I'm down.

At the end of theday, I want Brandy

to do what makes Brandy happy.

You know, if her andJason don't work out,

and if this is thepath she wants to do,

I'm going to support her.

We're going to yacht date.

We're gonna go fromyacht to yacht,

see what they got out there.

I'm about to takeadvantage of you.

Being separated--since I can't date,

I'm gonna be like,oh, she's single.

You got a what?You got a yacht?

Don't be trying to pimp me.Don't be trying to pimp me.

You got a yacht and a mansion?

Oh, I have something for you.

Don't be trying to pimp me.

I'm gonna pimp you out.