• Season 3, Ep 6

Is Varshay Too Jaded For David?

David talks to Varshay about marriage and her past relationships.

08/03/2016 · 2:00

♪ Keep on winning

>> So your last relationship was

it your fault or was it their


>> It was more my fault.

I was given an ultimatum, and I

was not prepared to marry her at

the time.

I want to get married one time--

>> --and one time only?

>> And one time only.


>> You know what I mean.

I saw when my parents went

through a divorce, I was

with--you know, I was around

for them raising kids in an

unhappy marriage.

They were just staying together

for us.

Life's tough enough.

How are you supposed to be

in--a relationship ain't

supposed to be tough all the


>> When I get married, I'm

getting married once.

It's definitely like I'm a

hopeless romantic.

You just want to find, like,

real love.

Like that real connection and

then like all the situations

I've had that, to this point,

like, I haven't got there.

>> Your last relationship ended


>> Yeah.

>> So it seems.

>> I believe every guy cheats.

Being lied to, to me, is

probably one of the worst

feelings in the world because

it's, like, you don't respect me

enough to tell me the truth.

>> You believe every guy cheats

and every guy lies?

>> I've seen it with my own


>> So that's just--that ain't a

good approach.

It limits the wonderfulness that

you can experience.

If you automatically put a man

in a box and say "he's going to

lie to me," you don't give that

man a chance to be the most

honest person you've known.

>> Well, look at you preaching.

>> It's the truth or no?

>> It's the truth.

>> So you...

>> I feel like you just gave me

a life lesson.

>> It's the truth though.

I've got many since I've been

here, so, hopefully, that's

the case with you.

>> Sheesh.

I will say David gave me a

different aspect on looking and

generalizing everybody in one


So he opened my eyes in that


>> I'm freezing.

>> You just want to be closer to


That's what you trying to say?

>> Now you want me to be closer

to you?

>> No, I did this out of


I ain't doing this out of



I'm definitely attracted to


My concern is that she's overly


So hopefully what I can do in

this experience is at least show

her that men, in general, don't

always have to be what she knows

us to be.

You ready?

>> Yes.

>> All right.

I'm gonna get up first so I can

help you up.

>> VARSHAY: Thank you.