• Season 3, Ep 10

David and Martha Have A Submarine Date

David and Martha head underwater to explore the ocean during their submarine date.

08/31/2016 ยท 1:47

>> DAVID: Okay.

>> Have you ever seen anything

like this before?

>> I have--glad.

Because I've never seen anything

like this either.

>> Looks like a little submarine

or something.

>> I guess.

You don't wanna drive?

I can drive?

>> You can drive if you don't

mind being straddled.

>> DAVID: Ha!

>> You ready.

>> We're two people that over

six foot, we're giants, and we

were expected to get in this

little tiny submarine.

I did not think that that was

going to be possible for a few


But we worked it out.


>> All right.

>> I'm really interested in

marine biology, so I was, like,

in my element, enjoying

everything around me.

>> Martha was the perfect date

for what we were doing.

You know, I really like being

with somebody who can teach me,

who I can learn from.

>> She was naming fish and

explaining to me what was going

on underwater.

I'm like, damn, I could do this

with a tour guide.

This is pretty good.

The current is strong as hell.

So, like, it's pushing you and

you can't control that.

>> Whoo!

>> For real?

>> Yeah.