• Season 3, Ep 9

Natalie Keeps Connor

Natalie decides to send home her Keeper, Tommy, in order to explore a relationship with Connor.

08/24/2016 ยท 1:45

>> All right, David and Natalie.

It's time to choose your keepers

and send the others home.

Natalie, who was your weakest

connection this week?

>> Norman, I think you are one

of the most real individuals

that has ever come through this


But I, unfortunately, did have

the least connection with you.

>> Yeah, I mean if Connor or

Tommy can make you happy, then

it's, like, you got my support.

Invite me to the wedding.

>> Whoa.

>> Let me be the God-daddy for

the baby.

I mean, you know, I don't care.

But good luck.

>> NATALIE: Thank you.

>> All right, Natalie, who would

you like to remain here as your


>> This might have been one of

my hardest eliminations that I

have done so far.

Tommy, when I first saw you,

hands down, best first

impression, biggest connection

off the bat, and you are so


And then, Connor, you are so

brave, and I love the fact that

you were able to challenge me.

The guy I chose to be

my keeper...



Will you be my keeper?

>> I will.

>> Good.

>> Even though we had the best

connection, I had to let Tommy

go because he, kind of, shot

himself in the foot trying to

rip my clothes off and bite me

and scratch me, and Connor was

very respectful.

And my eyes will always go to

that more than somebody who is

just wanting to make out with me

all the time.