• Season 3, Ep 10

David To Natalie: You're My Keeper

After Natalie and David have a heart-to-heart talk about their relationship, David and Natalie finally kiss.

08/31/2016 · 2:43

>> Before the night goes on, do

you want to do a little bit of

hammock time?

>> Come on. We can go.

>> David's dumb in the dating


>> See you shortly.

>> Bye.

>> David has a great girl

standing in front of him--me.

And we need to have the talk

about us.

Now is the time, David.

Now is the time.

We need to talk about us.

>> DAVID: We're gonna hash it

out now?

>> Better than if we have a full


>> That's probably true.

>> We have had all this time


Our relationship has built,

there's tension there, there's

all this stuff that we know it's


We just never really acted on it

and I'm just...wanting answers.

>> I don't think that you

know...like I think the world of

you, Nat.

I don't want to say that

I--that I'd choose you because

we don't have a choice for each


But there's almost every

elimination that I would.

You know what I mean?

And I--and I realize that more

and more.

You're my keeper.

You're my keeper, Nat.

You're my keeper.

All right, come here.

This has been super long


>> Oh [bleep].

>> Super. Come here.

>> ♪ [unintelligible]

♪ [unintelligible] now

♪ I free to fly ♪

>> I haven't had a great kiss

like that in a long time.

It was so passionate and true

and genuine.

It needed to happen because that

tension was insane.

And I think I, kind of, hooked

David a little bit on my kiss as


>> ♪

>> I think Natalie's very

beautiful, but I feel like since

we're going through this whole

experience, they're kind of like

becoming friends.

Like it's a friend bond, you


>> ♪

>> Damn.

What the hell were we waiting

on? [laughs]

>> You're like...

>> No, I'm just--I'm not--I

don't care what's going on over

there. I'm just--

>> I really don't.

>> --seeing what hammock time.

>> Honestly.

>> Although we always knew that

we liked each other, now that we

did have this great kiss, we--

I don't know. [laughs]

The kiss was phenomenal.

Things are about to get a little

bit more tricky.

>> ♪ And now I've got you ♪