• Season 3, Ep 9

Have David and Natalie Found Their Perfect Match?

David and his date, Chinet, have a water balloon fight while Natalie and her date, Connor, discuss their past relationships.

08/24/2016 · 3:05

>> Slingshot?

>> DAVE: It looks like that.

Either get that or get that.

We can get all this stuff.

You competitive?

>> Heck yeah.

>> Let's go.

>> Super.

>> You can go first though.

Since, you know, ladies first.

>> Sure?

>> You--just go ahead. Yeah.

>> All right, let's do it.

>> Look at you.

Your parents did a good job on


That was a test.

David seems to possess all the

qualities that I look for in a


He's funny, he's charming, he

has manners.

I just hope he feels the same


>> DAVID: Ooh.

>> Okay.

Just get a little closer.

>> What you--what you about to


>> Just get a little closer.

>> What you doing?


>> Thank you.

>> Okay. That was simple.

That ain't bad.

>> See.

>> There you go.

That's a little--that's a

little more oomph.

>> Like that?

>> Yeah.

>> DAVID: That's a little more


>> Okay. Aah!


What you green.

What the heck?

>> What you about to do?


Good jump.

Ooh, you gonna get wet.


>> [laughing]

>> You know some people you meet

you feel you've known 'em for a

little bit.

And I feel like I've known

Chinet for a bit.

Chinet's just a great person.

Oh [bleep]. Oh.

A great person with [bleep] aim.

>> Yeah.

>> Oh no.

I'm so sorry.

>> [bleep].

>> I would help you but we just


>> It's all right. It's cool.

>> Okay. Okay.

It's really sad.

This big guy is on all fours

right now, and not in a good


>> ♪

>> I still can't believe I did


>> From that height too.

The height's intimidating.

>> Connor has definitely started

growing on me.

He's confident, he's strong and

I think Connor can definitely

give me a run for my money.

What d'you come here, like,

looking for?

>> Just jumping off the dock,

like, showed me a lot.

That, like, you know, you're

adventurous and you have a very

positive mindset and that's

pretty much what I was looking

to find.

So that's a good thing.

>> So, hi. Found it.


>> I think Natalie's awesome.

She's beautiful, she's confident

in herself.

She's more than I expected to

meet out here.

>> You seem like a great catch,

what happened to, like, your

last relationships?

>> A lot of promises were made

in the beginning of what kind of

person she was.

And, uh, just small things.

Caught her talking to people

that she said she wasn't talking

to--which I don't care.

I want us guys to have guy

friends, go have fun, you know.

But, erm, I stopped trusting her

and once you lose trust for each

other, it's all downhill from


Because I've been cheated on, I

know what that feels like.

It's not a fun thing. So...

>> I know that

feeling completely.

I dated a guy, and I caught him

sexting one of the other


And I was the last one to know

that they actually had started

dating, while we were still


>> Together.

God, that sucks.

That [bleep].

>> I'm in so much trouble

bringing Connor back to the


Tommy and Connor both have a lot

to offer, and I like both of


>> You gonna run with me?

>> Let's run for it.

One, two, three!


>> [water splashing]

>> ♪