• Season 3, Ep 9

David and Michelle Hit It Off

On their zipline date, David and Michelle feel an instant attraction and spark.

08/24/2016 · 1:48

>> Erm...

Looks like we're ziplining.

>> Have you ever done that?

>> I have.

You want me to go first?

>> MICHELLE: All right.

>> You okay?

>> Thank you.

>> DAVID: Okay.

>> Wait! A good luck kiss.

>> Absolutely.


>> David is tall and very


He's hairless, that's always

nice. [laughs]

I definitely feel the physical

attraction, so it feels like a

good fit.

>> Oh!

>> ♪

>> Okay, you ready?

Take a deep breath.


You look great, man.

Watching Michelle on the zip

line was fantastic.

I should be paying somebody for

this one.

>> Ah!

>> DAVID: You gotta let go.


>> All right, so we gotta make

our last one a good one.

Shall we go together?

>> Yeah.

>> Grab around my neck.

Hop up here.

>> Oh my God. Ah!

>> All right, you up?

>> No.

>> You up?

>> Yes.

>> Okay.

>> This has been the best date


All right.

You know how many dudes want to

be me right now? [laughs]


>> Wait.

>> Two.


Okay, here we go.

>> [water splashing]

>> I couldn't have asked for a

better guy.

I mean, I really feel like I hit

the lotto.

I like this...much better.

>> You like this better?

>> Yes.