• Season 3, Ep 8 · Bonus

Noelle and Natalie School The Boys On Brazilian Waxing

Noelle and Natalie explain to David and Sam the process of getting a Brazilian wax.

08/17/2016 · 2:14

>> ♪

♪ When I met you

♪ I saw everything

♪ I know you now ♪

>> I've never gone tanning

before and I was like,

I need to go for this 'cause--

>> You've never gone before?

>> No.

>> Yeah, you've gotta prep.

You've gotta get a wax,

you've gotta like--

>> You got a wax?

>> You gotta get a wax?

>> I got a wax. Yeah.

>> What kinda wax?

>> Like a Brazilian, you know?

>> It just goes off.

>> Oh, they wanna rip it off?

>> They rip it all off,

you know?

>> What?

>> You think like coming here

naked like you don't have to

worry about, um, like what

you're gonna wear, but...

you still have to be strategic

about how you look, you know?

I wanna look good for my man.

>> So, hold on.

A Brazilian is everything?


It's everything.

>> Everything?

>> Damn.

>> You got your--

>> Yeah.

>> Damn.

>> It's great.

>> 'Cause like your legs

are up.

They just go down the line,

you know?

They start at the top and they

work their way down.

>> Then they do hard wax.

>> What's hard wax?

>> Which is just wax and they

put it on you and they--

>> On the butt?

>> No, on your vagina.

Then they let the wax harden and

then they rip the wax off.

>> What?!

>> Like girls have it really


>> Damn, you did that to come


>> I did, too.

>> My date, Noelle, poor Noelle,

she comes and gets a Brazilian

wax to meet just me and, hell,

I ain't...I damn sure didn't

get no Brazilian wax to

meet her.

Do they wax like your butt



>> No, because like--

>> So, do you have to sit?

>> No, no, no, no, wait.

>> So, what's goin' on back


>> What happened to the little

butt cheeks?

>> The Brazilian wax talk was

kinda funny.

You know, there was a lot of

[bleep] I didn't know.

>> So, you just leave your

bucks...butt cheeks hairy?

>> [laughing]


>> Girls don't get hair on

their butt cheeks.

>> Yeah, they do.

>> They like wax your butt hole.

>> What? This is crazy!

>> NOELLE & NATALIE: [laughing]

>> Damn!

They did that to your butt hole?

That's too much.

Boy, the [bleep] you learn in

the naked pool, I tell you what.

>> Noelle schooled David and I

to the game.

We didn't really understand

what that process was and what

it looked like and it seems like

they go through a lot.

I mean, I...it's never gonna

happen to me.

>> So, listen, to like one of

the better nights we've had

in a long time.

>> You're right, man.

>> To Brazilian waxes.

>> ALL: [laughing]

>> A clean ass--always a good


>> [glasses clanking]

>> To good people.

>> To good times.