• Season 3, Ep 9 · Bonus

Chinet Reveals Her Drunk Alter Ego

After a few too many drinks, Chinet becomes very affectionate with David.

08/24/2016 · 1:41

>> ♪

♪ When I met you

♪ I saw everything

♪ I know you now ♪

>> I didn't think I was gonna be

in your bedroom so soon with


>> Well, you know, this is the

casual visit.

>> Okay. [laughs]

>> DAVID: Yeah.

>> I enjoy you.

>> Do you?

That's what's up.

I enjoy you too.

It feels familiar.

>> It does.

>> DAVID: Feels familiar.

>> My strategy is I'm just going

to be a little more reserved.

Oh my God!

>> Yeah, what?

>> Your hair is so filled with


>> I got glitter in my hair?

>> Yes, because of me.

Marked my territory.

Oh my God, speaking of singing.

>> Who's speaking of singing?

>> Me.

So that strategy went out the

window once tequila and vodka

and wine went down this window.


>> No, I don't.

>> Why are you lying?

Why the [bleep] you lying?

Whenever I drink, I have an



Come here.

Miss Detroit came out.


And she is a bit more


Like this?

>> Tell me when you're finished.

>> [laughing]

>> You finished?

>> No.

>> This is over fast.

>> [laughing]

>> Get your ass off.

All right...ah, hell.

I am fond of Chinet's

personality already.

And she's funny.

She's a lot of fun.

But tonight...oh my God.

>> You're a lot stronger than I


>> What?

I don't what just happened.

Bring your drunk ass out down


Come on.

>> I'm not dr--oh!

>> Come on.

>> [laughing]

>> DAVID: You trippin'.