• Season 3, Ep 7

Is David Afraid Of Commitment?

When David makes an excuse to leave to hide his insecurities, Natalie yells at him for leading her on and wasting her time.

08/10/2016 ยท 2:51

>> Feel that?

>> I make your heart beat.

>> DAVID: It's called


>> Why are you so nervous?

>> I just--I don't know, Nat.

I'm a simple person and you

coming into my life has

complicated things.

I have to go back home.

I need to go back to work.

>> Like you have to go back...

like tomorrow?

I know he's realizing that we

have a good thing.

So why is he saying "I have to

go home?"

What do I do with that?

Is it really work or is it

because you are actually feeling


And you're scared and so work is

a good way to distract yourself

and be, like, actually, I need

to get back to my normal life?

Because [bleep] this,

this is scary?

>> I get terrified.

Like absolutely terrified.

I tried as much as I possibly

could here.

She knows exactly how I feel.

I just can't give her what she

wants now.

When it comes to [bleep] when it

comes to relationships, when it

comes [bleep] all the time.

I didn't think I was actually

going to--

>> Like me?

>> Yeah.

>> I can see that he's troubled.

I can see that this is the first

situation he's probably ever

been in like this.

I don't want him to go--of

course I don't want him to go.


I don't know what to do.

I just can't talk to you right


>> Why?

>> You wasted my time.

>> How did I waste your time?

Wait, Nat--Natalie. Come here.

>> [bleep].

>> Stop.

>> Just wait.

How did I waste your time?

>> Because--

>> How did I waste your time?

>> I'm here for a serious


>> So am I.

>> No you're not though.

You're leaving.

I have to stay here, and, yet

again, try and find another

great connection just for them

to be, like, "Hey guess what,

"erm, I really like you.

"Thanks for showing me I can

"like someone.

But, I'm scared."

You should have never came here.

I really just don't want to talk

to you right now.

>> I'm upset.

I wish somebody would say "Hey,

are you okay?"

I need my partner.

I need my best friend.

I need David.

It just sucks.