• Season 3, Ep 6

David Keeps Varshay

Despite his initial reservations, David decides to have Varshay as his Keeper.

08/03/2016 · 1:32

>> Varshay, do you have

something to say?

>> With us, we have, like, a

genuine connection.

I know I have a strong


But, at the same time, everybody

has to be given a chance.

So I feel like you should give

me a chance.

>> Okay, David, who are you

going to keep as your keeper?

>> Varshay, your strength is

something that I'm drawn to

quickly and I would like to ask

you if you would be my keeper.

>> I will.

>> We going have to figure out

how to communicate or we gonna

drive each other crazy.

>> I can cut back on my arguing

and not be petty, when I don't

have to be petty.

If you're honest with me, I'm

honest with you.

>> Unfortunately, that means,

Jaclyn, you will be going home


Do you feel like David made the

right decision?

>> I don't know Varshay very

well, but she does seem like a

strong good person.

So I don't blame David for

making the decision that he has.

>> Congratulations David,

Natalie and to the keepers.

>> Varshay is...is the

firecracker, you know.

She definitely keeps me on my


I'm really excited about

spending some more time with her

and some healthy debate that I'm

sure is to follow.

>> David and Natalie, enjoy your

time with your keepers, and I

can't wait to see how things

turn out for you next week.

>> Compadre cuídese mucho y me

la cuida mucho oíste.

>> ROCSI: Bye. Bye, guys.

>> This experience is the best

and worst thing ever.

And it's a roller coaster I've

never been on before.

But I wouldn't take it back, and

I'd probably ride it again.

>> ♪