• Season 3, Ep 7

David Turns Down Being Natalie's Keeper

When David decides to not be Natalie's Keeper, Natalie is left alone once again.

08/10/2016 ยท 1:46

>> Even though

it's my decision...

David, the ball

is in your court.

Will you want to be my keeper?

>> I want to stay.

I--I really do and, you know,

it's not because of the weather,

the beaches or everything else.

It's because of you.

[sighs] I just...

unfortunately, I just--I

really can't.

I'm so sorry.

I fear commitment.

I'm very terrified of, like,


The more she keeps me, the more

I'm going to want to stay, the

harder it's going to get for me

to leave.

And it's just--might as well

just leave--leave now.

>> This has been, by far, the

[bleep] week for me.

And, erm, this is the most alone

I've ever felt in this house.

But, I wish you all the best and

I hope that next time, you don't

waste anyone's time anymore.

>> So it looks like all of you

are going to be going home


Natalie and David, the two of

you will be heading back to the

house without keepers tonight.

But at least you have each


I'll see you guys next week,


>> It's going to be really

uncomfortable going back to the

house with David.

I'm not sure how it's going to


I don't even know if I want to

start over.