• Season 3, Ep 6

Natalie Keeps David For A Second Time

At the elimination ceremony, Natalie chooses to continue exploring a relationship with David.

08/03/2016 ยท 1:41

>> It's time to get down to the

naked truth.

Who will you choose to stay on

the island with you as your

keeper, and who will you be

sending home today?

Natalie, you're up first.

Who did you find you were the

least compatible with?

>> Unfortunately, I would have

to say that my least connection

would be with Drew.

You're so handsome, but every

time we talked I felt like we

left the conversation just being


>> I do have to agree that there

wasn't enough of a spark.

And while you are an absolutely

gorgeous and funny, the spark is

really what matters in this kind

of scenario.

>> If I ever come to Philly


>> I'm your man.

>> [laughing]

>> Natalie, it's now time to

choose your keeper.

Who will you keep for another


>> Magic J, what can I say about


You're passionate, you're

handsome, croquet will never be

the same.

But I'm worried that you might

not be able to be a monogamous


David, I laughed so much with

you and you're opening up to me.

But, when you first came here

your intentions, I didn't know

if they were true.

And I'm wondering if you're

going to be able to see this

whole thing through with me.

I wish I could keep both of you


However...the person I have

decided to keep is...


>> David, how are you feeling

right now?

>> Spectacular.

>> [laughing]