• Season 3, Ep 6

Magic J Dances For Natalie

Back at the house Magic J gives Natalie an exotic strip tease lap dance.

08/03/2016 · 1:32

>> I definitely think I'm a full


I'm passionate, sexual.

I do have a connection with

Natalie, and I have a little

surprise for her.

I'm just going to be myself,

show her who I am.

What else could a woman want?

What else?

The point of my question is will

she be able to handle me?

>> [thunder clap]

>> ♪

>> Introducing.

>> Whoo-whoo.

>> Oh...oh!


My mother is going to kill me.

Oh my God.

I [unintelligible].

Oh my God.

>> Joel had a lot of moves that

popped, to the thrust, to the

hair thing, to the body roll, to

the suit glow, to the toilet


I don't--hey, who am I--who am


>> Do not try this at home.

>> [screaming]

>> She will never forget my


She will never forget the

moments that I have given her.

I go Magic J for Natalie.

Which is--will always be her

own unique way of remembering me

for the rest of her life.

>> [laughing]

>> Welcome to my world.

>> Joel is sweating all over me,

I'm getting drenched, I'm just

like--this is so terrible and

great all at the same time.

>> [applause]

>> Bravo!