• Season 3, Ep 7

David Keeps No One

Considering all the events that took place, David decides to not choose any woman to be his Keeper.

08/10/2016 ยท 1:45

>> Hi, guys.

Welcome to your seventh week of

"Dating Naked."

Now, David, you choose Varshay

while Natalie kept David.

It's now time to make that

important decision.

David, we'll start with you.

Who did you feel the least

connection with?

>> Varshay, you continue to

exude a lot of the same strength

that we talked about.

I felt like as weeks progressed,

your focus shifted a little bit

and that is definitely a bit of

a concern for me.

Daizha, at a certain point in

time, understandably, Daizha

kind of checked out and was

pretty reserved.

Alexa, I think we had a great

date, but I wished that maybe

you had not passed out.

It's very difficult to find a

relationship where two people

are pulling in the same

direction, and I feel like this

particular week, in general, I

wasn't really able to make that


I'm not going to ask anyone to

be my keeper this week.

Nat and I probably aren't each

other's favorite people, right

now, but we've been each other's

support system, we've been each

other's backbone, and I would

hate for that to end over

something that's extremely


The relationship that we have is

more important than this


That's really my biggest reason

for wanting to, kind of, fix it

and dismiss everyone.

>> David, that must have been a

hard decision to make.

>> I maybe had an attitude,

but you learn from it.

I learned to not be as much as a

mean girl as I am.

Stop putting every guy in the

same box.

But, then again, I take that

back because I said he didn't

show me different.

So, technically every guy is the

same still.