• Season 5, Ep 4

No One Messes With Malaysia’s BFF

Malaysia pulls up on Angel Brink’s event ready to fight anyone giving Brandi a hard time.

07/31/2016 · 2:39

- [bleep]I'm trying to be chill.

[car tires screeching]

- Is that Malaysia's car?Oh, my.

She look like she was readyfor straight combat.

- It's no problem.It's--[laughs]

- Oh, my God!

Malaysia, Malaysia, wait, wait.Nobody's in there.

- Where are they?- Nobody's in there.

- My friend is outnumbered.

I can't have that.

I really didn't carewho was gonna get it.

I just knew that somebodywas gonna get it.

What's the tea?- Listen. [laughs]

Girl, first it startedwith Tami.

Like, we were talkingabout whole apology

and all this other stuff.- Yeah.

- She started givingher opinions,

how she feelI should do this

and do that,and all of this other stuff.

I was like,"I've already apologized.

I'm not doing it again."

- And then Angel Love goes,"But wait,

"did Shaunie start this,is she our founder?

Is she the reasonwhy we're all here?"

- It's likeshe's recapping something.

- 'Cause I'm saying,"Wait, what happened?

Who, what, who?"

So we tried to walk off,and then Angel

started talking [bleep]as walked to the back.

- Who said bitch?- You said Angel said bitch.

- Who left their freaking carin the middle of the road?

- But I heard "bitch,"but--

- Tami saidshe didn't say bitch,

and then Angel Love said,"If I said bitch, what--so what?

Like, I'll call you bitchif I want to call you a bitch."

- So where's she at?- She left 'cause she already

knew it.- I mean, she my size,

my height.We could do this.

- Girl, what?What's up?

Why you dressedin tennis shoes

with that badass truckright there? What's up?

- I mean, thou shalt not [bleep]with my best friend.

- Ooh!- So I got out my bed

because there was some problems.Where are the problems?


- Malaysia, you are not herenot in full garb.

- Yes, I am. No makeup on,hair in a ponytail.

- Who been [bleep]with your best friend?

- I put on whatever that--- [laughs]

- The [bleep]--- Who has been messing

with your best friend?Says who?


- She saidone of them Angels.

- Not--it wasn't Angel.It wasn't Angel.

- Where's Angel Love?

- So I see Malaysia in sweats,sneakers, hair pulled back,

no makeup on, just readyto fight somebody.

- Hi.- Hi, hey.

[dramatic music]

Super, super classless,tacky.

Can we take this inside?

- I left my truckin the middle of the road.

- Okay, you go homewith them babies.

Good night. Ain't nobodygonna mess with Brandi.

We going home.Take your ass home,

and don't call her no more.- You--

- [indistinct].I didn't--

- You and you must go.[laughter]

- I'm [indistinct].- I didn't--

- You come on backin your establishment.

I'm so sorry.I need to go for real.

You gon' be okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.- 'Cause I'm out of here.

Doug is gonna lose his mind.I been the one to jail, girl.

- Bye.- I love you.

- Bye.- Bye.

- Make sure she's straight.

- Thanks for coming for Brandi.I appreciate that.

- [laughs]

- That was some gangster [bleep]right there.

I will ride with Malaysiafrom this day forward.