• Season 3, Ep 8

Natalie Keeps Tommy

After having no Keeper, Natalie chooses to spend more time with Tommy.

08/17/2016 ยท 1:29

>> Natalie and David, it's now

time for you guys to choose your


You're at the home stretch.

So choose wisely.

Natalie, we'll start with you.

>> Sam, meeting you for the

first time, I'm just like,

"Oh my gosh, who is this god

walking towards me?"

So handsome with the smoky blue

eyes, just unbelievable.

Tommy, our date was more than I

could ask for.

Even though it was sushi and a

food fight, it was your presence

that really had me drawn in.

It's easier going into

elimination only having to

choose between two guys instead

of three.

Tommy's amazing,

and Sam is...

hmm, interesting.

I need to go with who I feel

like I have the most intense

connection with.

With that being said, I have

decided to ask...

Tommy, to be my keeper.

>> You give me butterflies, and

I would be so honored to stay

and get to know you better.

>> Good.

>> Haters around me, who care

about them?

Haters are players, you know.

Who cares about them, man?

I ain't playing.

I'm not playing.

I'm not playing.