• Season 3, Ep 8

David and Noelle Try Aerial Yoga

David and Noelle show a lot more of their naked selves when their date consists of aerial yoga.

08/17/2016 · 1:42

>> Oh my God.

>> Okay.

>> I see something say yoga.

So I'm immediately concerned.

Then I see two swings.

>> Swing yoga?

>> I'm immediately petrified.

Here you go.

>> What a gentleman.

>> You're in there.

>> Whoa.

>> Oh [bleep]!

>> Whoa.

>> Oh [bleep].

Here I am in advanced yoga on a

first date naked...man.


This is uncomfortable.

This is not comfortable.

>> It was a little awkward at


David wasn't so graceful.

>> Ah!

>> Here. Come on this way.

And then bend your legs.

>> Okay.

>> There it is. There it is.

>> Hey.

I've never felt so exposed in my


My penis is on my stomach, and I

know she ain't looking at my


I know she ain't.

>> This is up dog.

>> Up dog.

>> And this is down dog.

>> That's pretty good.

My down dog needs work.

>> I just had to have fun with


I couldn't be like

self-conscious and focusing on,

like, oh, like, "How does my

vagina look right now?"

>> You can lean forward.

>> Oh.

>> [bleep].

>> It's fine.

>> You're just showing off.

>> A little bit.

>> It was a dancer though.

I mean [bleep] ain't even fair.

You know there's something,

like, cute and desirable and

attractive when she does it.


And there's something not cute

and unattractive when I do it.


>> Whoa there.

Poke an eye out.

>> Right?

Even though the date was

uncomfortable, the company was

not uncomfortable at all.


>> Oh.

Now what?

>> I don't know.

What do we do from here?

>> ♪