• Season 3, Ep 8

Natalie and Tommy Have A Sushi Food Fight

Natalie turns her sushi-making date with Tommy into a more sexual and playful activity.

08/17/2016 ยท 1:40

>> NATALIE: Is this sushi?

>> TOMMY: Oh, this is amazing.

>> I love sushi.

Wait, we have to make our own


>> TOMMY: Perfect.

>> How do you do it?

>> I've only done it once.

So no expectations.

You want to pull it further over

the top so it kind of rolls

more. There you go.

>> Oh.

>> Boom.

Sushi master.

>> Right.

>> And then you just, kind of,

undo it, and it's beautiful


That's--I mean, that looks--

I think it's--

>> It's a burrito.

>> --you got a little too much

in there.



Let's eat this real sushi.

>> I definitely think it would

taste much better if it was on


>> [laughing]

>> NATALIE: It'll be fun.

>> Well, let's go for it.


>> Put your hands down.

>> I'm sorry.

>> One nip.

>> Oh my God.

Oh my God.

>> NATALIE: You're pretty.

>> I don't think I've been this

sticky on a first date in my


But I'm kind of into it.

>> Belly button.

>> Oh my goodness.

>> This is the best date ever.

Just a lot of things I'd like to

have on that platter.

I don't know what else to do in

my life right now.


>> No!

>> [laughing]

>> Oh my God!

>> That's the rice.

>> I like Tommy so much.

He's laidback and chill.

But he's willing to do whatever.

>> Wait.

Does this mean we're getting



>> Yes.

We're--I will never look at

sushi the same way ever again.