• Season 5, Ep 13

Duffey Invites Tami To Lunch, But Tami Doesn't Show Up

Duffey invites Tami and Malaysia out for lunch. Duffey wants to apologize to Tami, but Tami is a no-show.

10/02/2016 ยท 3:56

- I invited Tami to lunch today

because I'm tired of the drama,

and I knew I wantedsomeone there that would be

a neutral party,so I invited Malaysia as well.

I think she'll keep it real,and that'll be the best thing

in this conversationbetween me and Tami.

- What's up, girl?- Hey.

Sorry,I was looking at my Snap.

- Ooh, that was a little--

- How are you?- Oh, you have the weight

of the world, the Snapchat.- I know.

It's, like, taking over my life.

- Duffey asked me to comeand have lunch

with her and Tami.

Ooh. I'd rather just hearthe story

instead of being witness to it.

- I'm clearly trying.Like--

Thank you.- Mm-hmm.

- I just don't want it to be

awkward if she comes on the tripor, you know--

or where she doesn't comeon the trip because of

our little mishap,because I'm fine.

Like, I'm seriously over it.

- I'm trying to think.Like, if I'm Tami

and someone saidsomething about my Jayla...

- Mm-hmm.- Like, I'm gonna hold it in

for a minute.Like, "Bitch...

you tried itwith my child," you know?

So--- But at the same time,

yeah, my feelingswere hurt, too,

and Jazz's feelingswere hurt,

and when I realizedJazz's feelings were hurt,

my feelings didn't even matter.- Right.

- I cared aboutfixing it with her.

- Right, but Tami was like,you know,

she's in mommy mode,so she's hearing...

[phone vibrates]What you're saying,

so of course her guard is up.

- So Tami's not coming.

- What?

Oh, Tami, Tami, Tami.- I don't know, child.

- I feel like Tami shoulddo what she wants to do

because when I'm mad,I do whatever I want to do,

but Duffey seems veryapologetic, and I would want,

for Duffey's sake,for Tami just to hear it.

So how are you guysgonna make it better

at some point?- I'm--

I, like--I can only do so much.

I don't know what moreI could do.

I'm tired ofbeing the bigger person.

If she doesn't want to show up,then it is what it is.

- I'm trying to think,like, "What can we do?"

And it's not even a matter of,like, kissing her ass.

- I came here.I was in a good mood, girl.

I felt like, "Oh,I can get this off of my back."

- Right.- I don't like

stuff weighing on me,and I feel like

it's somethingthat's been weighing on me.

It's definitely time for usto end this drama

because the most important thingin the situation was Jazz,

and she's good.Let's stop talking about it,

but it's hard to dowhen me and Tami

haven't even hada conversation about it.

- I think that Tami's ina different place in her life,

and that's probably whyshe didn't even show up,

'cause she don't want to argueand fuss and fight.

- That would be good.I'm okay with that.

- How about writing hera text message?

You have her number.- Yeah.

- A cool, little messageto just get your point across

so at least, like,it penetrates.

- Okay. Let's write it.- Cool.

- "Sorry you couldn't make itto lunch today."

- Mm-hmm.

- Then what?

- "I really just wanted toapologize and express myself."

- "I really wantedto express myself."

- You forgot "apologize,"bitch.

- I already apologizedto Jazz, though.

- You have to apologizeto Jazz's mother.

- Sure, why not?You know what?

- Apologize for themiscommunication

because you are.That's what you're tr--

- "I apologizefor the miscommunication."

- Yes.

"In the heated momentI was speaking about

my brandand not your daughter."

- Okay. "I was speaking on mybrand and not your daughter."

- Okay, I'm not gonna writethe whole letter for you.

- Okay. "I hope thatwe can talk soon."

- "Duffy."- And sent.

- Perfect.- There you go. Come on.

- Therefore, like,she can marinate on it

and know that you're sincere,and then when she see you,

it's not so much like,[growls], you know?

- Yeah, I don't want that, yeah.- It's kind of like--yeah.

- Yeah, 'cause we don't knowPortugal laws.

- I don't know,you might need to learn them.

[both laugh]