• Season 5, Ep 13

Tami Has Fought In Multiple Countries, Is Portugal Next?

Brandi tries to understand what's going on between Tami and Duffey. Tami does not accept Duffey’s text message apology. Tami believes that if Duffey comes to Portugal, someone will end up hurt.

10/02/2016 · 2:53

- The text message didn't help

like I thought it would.

Tami is a bit turned off,

but I still have hopebecause she just got it.

I'm assuming that she didn't have a chance to

really read it

and let it penetratein her heart, so maybe later.

- I just think that you

are not understanding my side

because that is your friend.- Yeah.

- I have to have the backof my daughter.

She's 19. She doesn't understanda non-genuine apology.

She doesn't understanda fix-it moment.

- Well, do you really thinkthat it was not genuine?

- I think if it was genuine,she would have done it

that night, the next day,the day after,

and I don't do fakevery well.

- Everything Tami is saying, I totally get it.

It becomes personalwhen it's about a kid.

You know,you can relate as a mother.

Someone talk about your child,

someone hurtyour child's feelings,

it's just nothing else to say.

- I feel like with Duffey,when she's in a heated argument,

you know, she does tend to saythings that she doesn't--

- But whenI'm in a heated argument,

I could punch youin your face...

- Yeah.- Or pull out a blade

and cut youin your [bleep] throat,

like, when I'm heated.- Yeah.

- From my standpoint,because I do have a history

of lashing out at people...- Mm-hmm.

And it can go real ugly,you know what I mean?

Somebody's gonna end upreally hurt.

It could be me.I don't know,

but I'll put money on methat it won't be me.

- We're gonna be in Portugal.- Mm-hmm.

- Nobody want to belocked up in Portugal.

- Oh, I've fought in Tahiti.I done fought in Spain.

- Spain.

- I done fought in Holland,in Rome.

- Damn, oh, God.- That means nothing to Tami.

- That means nothing to mein the heat of the moment.

- Nobody's askingy'all to be friends.

I'm just asking youto get along.

- Perfect, then we're here.You were going on vacation.

- We're asking to get alongand have fun.

- No, you're coming.

- Listen, you know I livefor my vacation,

so I think we should go.- Thank you.

- But I don't have tobe around Duffey.

Now, I will go on the vacationand hopefully have

a really good timewith the core set of ladies.

Ultimately,my qualm is only with Duffey.

I don't want to be in a space with this young lady

because that's gonna haveDuffey in the hospital.

Just keep us apartand separate,

and I think everything will go over just fine.

- No more of this gin,Malaysia.

She over thererunning her mouth.

Malaysia, get over here.Tami's coming.

Tami and Shaunie's coming.

They're not gonna dealwith Duffey, but they coming.

You gonna get youa Spanish man over there?

- No, I'm not.

I don't just give my vaginato random people.

- Girl,they got condoms for that.

They gotthe double-decker ones.

The ones that's, doubly coatedbut you still can feel it.

- Are you pimping now?- No...

but I got to line upsome of these bitches

that need some [bleep].They need to loosen up.

They need to let they[bleep] heart out.

- I'm loose, bitch.I got this.

- You ain't loose.- You ain't loose.

- I mean, not loose but,you know--

[dramatic music]