• Season 5, Ep 13

Jackie Wants To Go All Out For Her 20th Wedding Anniversary

Jackie and her daughter don’t have the same vision for the 20th wedding anniversary celebration. Chantel is thinking barbecue and Jackie wants something classy and ratchet.

10/02/2016 · 3:13

- Hi.- Hi, girl, hi.

Okay, I see you shiny.- You look so pretty.

- Hi.- Oh, my God.

You ready to help mepick out some dresses?

I am completely stressed out.

My husband wants meto get a dress.

I'm trying to plan for Portugal.

I don't know what I'm gonna do,

so I just thank Godthat Chani is taking control

of this and planninga big wedding for us.

[upbeat music]

- This is your 20th anniversary.

You've had 20 weddings.- 19 weddings.

This will be 20.- Okay, potato, potah-to.

So what would you liketo accomplish

with this weddingthat you haven't accomplished

with the previous weddings?

- I would like to accomplish,for one,

being "swelt."

- You want to be what?

- The last four yearsI was not "swelt."

- Sw--What?

- You know what I'm talkingabout, sw--you know.

- You were swole?- No, sw--I want to be "swelt."

- You want to be small?Small?

- You knowwhat I'm talking about.

- No, I don't.- I want it snatched.

Is that the termthat I should use?

- Oh, you want to be snatched?- Snatched.

- Okay, okay.- So I want that,

and I want to just be--I want to blow Doug's mind.

- Well, you want something thatlooks, um...

classy and elegant and--- Yeah.

- I don't likethe word "elegant"

'cause I'm not trying to beelegant.

I want to be borderline ratchet,at the same time classy.

So classy-ratchet, "clatchet."That's what I want to be.

I want to be the queenwhen I come in there.

I want to make my grand entrancein a gorgeous dress,

and I want everybody to go,"Damn!"

I'm thinking thisis kind of the flavor.

- Wh--so--- Body-hugging, sexy, fly.

- Now, you know that this is--this is kind of

jerk barbecue,backyard barbecue themed?

- A-what?- What?

- This is my 20th wedding,Chani.

I'm not talking about thisis a cocktail wedding renewal.

- I'm getting dizzy.- I want a wedding,

so I need to havea 20-foot train.

You understand?

I'm talking down the aislelike we do.

Now I'm confused.Is Chani planning

our 20th wedding anniversaryor her 4th of July barbecue?

My point is I'm planning oninviting all the girls.

These are women that are very,very particular.

- These are also women thathaven't been married 20 years,

so who gives a [bleep]?- I know, but Banna,

that's not--I got to be--

I got to try to appeasenot just myself.

- Ain't no appeasing.- Well--

- Peace, peace.- So we gonna tell them,

"You comingto Jackie's big 20th,"

and we in the parkhaving barbecue?

- You can come,or you can stay,

but either way,we gonna eat this chicken.

- Is it flowers gonna beat the wedding?

See, you--- I was thinking, like, daisies

and sunflowersand summer stuff.

- Daisies and sunflowers?

I'm starting to geta little worried.

It doesn't--we're getting closerand closer to it,

and I need it to be right.

Chani's obsessed with thisbarbecue idea,

and she's not listening to what the bride wants.

I want a proper wedding,and honestly,

if Chani wasn't my daughter,I would have fired her.

- Hi.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, I'm looking forsomething--

do you guyshave wedding dresses?

- Oh.- A wedding dress at a barbecue?

- Um, well, I pray...

that it's a fancy barbecue.

- I pray you don'tget no sauce on that dress.