• Season 3, Ep 7 · Bonus

Lance Rubs Natalie The Wrong Way

When Lance starts using derogatory words to describe women, Natalie realizes he is not the man she thought he was.

08/10/2016 · 1:58

♪ When I met ya

♪ I saw everything

♪ I know you now ♪

>> ♪ Way mama

♪ Keep on doing your thing

♪ When they say mama

♪ Turn around

♪ Flip a bird and fly

>> Yeah, like vibe, right?

It's like, you know, different


I think Natalie's an all-around

awesome woman.

I really think we have a great

connection the first night.

And I really want us to click


I wanna give her a chance, as

well as her give me a chance.

'Cause I think she would

definitely have a great chance.

There's a lot of chances.

>> Are you feeling more


>> Yeah, I definitely feel more


And I'm happy I'm here and...to

be back with you.

>> It was just such a weird vibe

in the house.

And I really, really wanna give

a Lance a fair shot, because he

deserves it.

And it seems like he's gonna be

a really good guy.

>> All I've been thinking

about--thinking about you, so

much in common.

It's like corny [bleep], like I


Even go to movies by myself.

That is--like--girls.

Like, "Uh, you go by yourself?"

Like, "Yeah," but--

>> My date today was a lot of


>> Yeah?

>> We did archery.

>> That's awesome.

>> Kicked his ass.

>> Did ya?



>> [unintelligible]

>> She's from Jersey also.

She's from Atlantic City.

It's like skank central.

>> Ugh, don't be mean.

Seeing the way that he was

talking, like...ew.

It was really disappointing.

If it's a girl you don't know,

do you usually use derogatory

remarks against them?

>> No.

In my mind it's like funny.

I don't ever call like a girl

like a bad--like a bad term.

>> To their face.

>> Yes.

>> I was just being funny, like

humorous about it.

Like, "Oh, ya batch," or


"Yeah, you're such a batch."

And she's like, "Ah!


But I guess it came off the

wrong way, and it got a little


Did I miss something?

>> No.

It's not funny, it's rude.

And he is not the guy I thought

he was.

>> ♪