• Season 3, Ep 7 · Bonus

Dating Naked Season 3 Episode 7: Naked Bloopers

From D'Andre's painful attempt of a lion roar to dealing with bugs and hiccups, watch these funny outtakes from Dating Naked Season 3 Episode 7!

08/10/2016 · 2:40

♪ When I met ya

♪ I saw everything

♪ I know you now ♪

>> DAVID: I'm going back for

some bread.

I don't know how you feel.

>> Wait!

You have cheese on your butt!

>> It's like--you got cheese.

Do you want me to get it?

>> Go ahead, get it off.

Take care of it.


You just wanna feel out my

botty, there ain't that much

cheese on my butt.

You lying.

>> [giggles]

His butt is nice.

I definitely think he does


It's like bam.

Like up.


>> So I'm thankful I had a great

date with a great person.



>> This flea is around my face.

[laughs] Sorry.

>> [laughing]

Come on, man, damn.

>> [spitting]

>> WOMAN: Are you okay?

>> I think it went in my mouth.

It did.

Protein. [laughs]

>> I dare you to give me your

loudest lion roar.

>> Ooooh, oooh, oooh.

>> Wait.

That's a wolf.

>> Oah, oah--[coughing]

Okay. Dupe that.

That--that's not how a lion


That's like the Mufasa got

cancer type roar.


Yeah, I'll try it.

I try it.


I'm bad at it.

>> [unintelligible]

>> How does my ass look?

Shake it.

>> [laughing]

I'm about to be a drunk kangaroo


>> Gobble, gobble.

>> Kangaroos don't gobble.

>> I just did.

B-b-b-baby dick,

b-b-b-baby dick.

>> What's your nickname?

>> What girls call me or--

>> What's like your nickname?

What do girls call you?

>> Dickhead, [unintelligible].

Piece of [bleep], trash.

They call me Leftover Lance

coming in.

'Cause a couple of occasions

where I hooked up with a girl

after one of my friends.

I've done it more than once.

So they call you Leftover Lance.

>> [water splashing]

>> Oh, geesh.



No big deal, I'm fine.


Oh, [bleep].

>> So on that note, can we go

talk alone?

>> DAVID: Nah.

>> Yes.

>> DAVID: Nah.

>> Yes.

>> DAVID: No!

>> Yes.

>> No, no.


>> Stop, seriously.

>> Nah.

You all have a good night.

>> ♪