• Season 5, Ep 5

Angel Love Wants To Clear The Air

Angel Love wants to set things straight with Malaysia before the trip goes any further.

08/07/2016 ยท 2:59

- This is Malaysia's palace,okay?

- Cute little, small room.

- Angel.- It's really cute.

- You're treating melike a redheaded stepchild.

- It has a hot tub.

Who wants to go?- What?

- And Malaysia would not let mesleep in here with her.

- Yeah, there's a hot tubout here.

- What?- Hot tub.

- Yeah.

- Yo, they're really laughing.

Okay, it's so funny, you guys chose bunk beds for us.

How old are you guys?10? 12?

This is too damn childish,

but that's the leastof my worries right now.

I have to clear the are.

I'm so happythat we all are here,

and I want us to havethe awesomest time,

but the last event,you pulled up...

- I sure did.

- Looking out for Angel Love,so I wanted to know--

- Ah, no. Flag on the play.- Oh, you wasn't?

You wasn't lookingfor Angel Love?

- I don't know Angel Love,so we gonna do

a flag on the playon that one.

- Okay, what is it?

- I was looking for whoeverwas [bleep] with my friend.

- Okay.

- I was coming to get a target

for whoever that wasmaking her yell.

Girl, you just got in here.

Take your coat off,get comfortable

before you come for me.

In the event that my best friendis calling me screaming,

for me, all I was thinking is,

"I don't knowwhy she's yelling.

Let me pull up real fast."

- That's fine, but I feel likebefore you just jump out,

embarrassing your situation--

- It wasn't embarrassing.

I think you embarrassed yourselfby being drunk.

- I'm just saying,at least find out

exactly what the situation is.

- I would do it againand again and again.

- That's fine.- I was not embarrassed.

- But you don't knowexactly what's going on.

- I really don't care.- She heard you, though.

She could hear you.- What exactly did she hear?

- The next time,I'm gonna take my truck,

and I'm gonna drive itin that mother[bleep].

- Oh, my God.

Angel Love, you got to know

that you're poking these bears,

and if you're not readyto be king of the jungle,

you probably shouldn't.

- That's fine.Just have it together.

- Start blasting, like,"What? What?"

Yes. Yes.

- Yeah, 'cause I cameto scrap too.

I ride for mine,so I definitely feel you.

I definitely feel you,so we got a understanding.

That's good.- We got a understanding.

- Great. Great.

Okay, cool, I'ma ridefor my friends just like you,

but I'm gonna stand my groundto each one of y'all.

All right, what's next?We got that straight.

- Food. We gonna all cook.

Well, I'm gonna help.I'll help.

- Okay, got a understanding,moving on.

Great, girl.It's not about you.

You came here. We're making this work.

It's about peace.Let's go cook.

It's cool.

I mean, the next time, girl,

I will do it again and againand again...

both: And again.

- I didn't--I thought you was

gonna give it a beat.

You didn't give it no time.

- No, I mean,I'm sleeping in the same house

with women that I don't knowif they not friendly with me,

if I need to be sleepingwith one eye open,

so I need to figure outwhat the hell is going on.

- I understand what she's saying'cause I would, too,

come to you guys' defensefor anything,

but I just wish it would--

my event, it could have beenmaybe a little different.

I don't know, but I'm stillgonna tell her how I feel.

Even though I am still upset,

I'm not ready to talkto Malaysia right now

in front of everybody.

I'll get therewhen I'm ready to.

- You guys haven't hadnothing to drink.