• Season 5, Ep 4 · Bonus

Doug Christie Meets Angel Brinks’ Son

Angel Brinks’ son, Azari, has been having some trouble in school. She turns to Doug Christie for help with building her son’s confidence.

07/31/2016 · 1:52


Hi, Doug.

How are you?

This is my son, Azari.

He's so excited to meet you.

He's been having a littlebit of trouble in school,

so I was just tellinghim that there's

no basketball without school.

ANGEL (VOICEOVER): When Itold Jackie what was going

on with Azari andschool, she was

very kind and generous tooffer Doug to come play

some ball with my son Azari.

And, that's absolutelyamazing because my son

really looks up to him.

ANGEL: He's having alittle bit of trouble

with his vision in school, so hedoes like to wear his glasses.

You know, he, like, theykind of make fun of him

when he wears them and stuff.

So, you know, you know that peerpressure kind of thing, and--

Yeah, I do.I've been there and did that.


DOUG: I didn't meet my dad untilI was almost eight years old.

Oh really.


And, uh, for a longtime I was resentful.

So I was doing a lot of badthings when I was a kid.

And it was just likeyou, it was only my mom,

but she worked two jobs.

So, you know, ifyou're not guided then

you create your own way, andthat's not always good, so.

ANGEL (VOICEOVER): Wow, Icannot believe that Doug

went through thesame thing that Azari

is going through right now.

This actually makes me feel alittle bit better because I see

that Doug Christie turnedout to be a real amazing man,

so I have hope for my son.

Your mom told me that youdon't like to wear your glasses.

Do people ever make fun ofyou because of your glasses?

That's not cool, man.

Guess what?

I have to wear glasses, too.

You just do you man, be a kid.

You ready to shoot, huh?

Get your shot on.

I'll be quiet.

ANGEL (VOICEOVER): Azari'snever had a stable father

figure in his life.

And even with Tyreke, he'salways in New Orleans.

So to be meeting withDoug Christie today,

I think is a blessing for us.

DOUG: Woo!

ANGEL: [laughs]

DOUGH: There you go.One!