• Season 5, Ep 4 · Bonus

Angel Brinks + Tami Shoot Pool And Sip Tea

Angel Brinks recaps all the drama that happened at her event, including Malaysia pulling up ready to fight.

07/31/2016 · 3:18

[music playing]

Hey girl!

What you doing?

TAMI: Oh, you know.

ANGEL: I haven't seenTami since my party.

But I'm really happy tosee her today to find

out what's going on with her.

And she invited meto shoot some pool.


My gosh.



TAMI: Okay.


All right.

What's been going on, Tami?

You know, I wanted to sit andchat with you about your thing

the other night.

I missed a lot of it.

So I'm kind of curious asto what really happened.

No one seems to know.

Angel's like, I don't remember.

I had too much to drink.


That's some strong [bleep] thatJackie Christie is pedalling.

Did you drink some of that?

TAMI: That Broussard?

I had like one glass of that.

ANGEL: And then?

And felt like Iwanted to pass out.

[bleep] Oh-- mmm.


Oh my god!

Oh my god!


When she hit that 8-ballin that corner pocket--

now I don't knowa lot about pool,

but I know that is whatyou're not supposed to do.

I won.

I won, Angel.

I won.



So when I came tothe event, I was

excited to see you and supportyou and what you have going on.

Let me tell you what happened.

After you left, Malaysiapulls up-- yes, girl-- yes--

pulls up, parks her carliterally right next to mine--

traffic behind her andeverything, didn't even care--

just got out thecar, talking about,

who's over here talking sh t?

You know?-Shut up.


She was like, Angel A orAngel B-- what are you doing?

Cause she came insweats and sneakers.

(CACKLING) Why did I go home?

I no longer want to be Zen!

TAMI: Angel dropped sometea in the pool hall.

And I said, you know what?

I always leave atthe wrong time.

I woulda paid money to see that.

I turn the cornerand Brandi was

like, I didn't meananything like that,

I was just calling you.

And Malaysia was like,well you were-- you

were screaming on the phone.

I didn't really know whatshe was talking about.

All I heard is, you saidsomebody was messing with you.

So here I am, Igot out the house.

Like we're at an event.

There's people, there's mediaoutside-- you know what mean?

Like the cameras,there's the carpet.

Like don't do that.

It's very inappropriate--very tacky for Malaysia

to pop up at my party,uninvited, unexpectedly,

dressed in sweats,acting like she's

about to beat somebody up.

I mean girl, what are you doing?

Brandi need to stop lyingbecause wasn't nobody messing

with no mother-[bleep] Brandi.

Angel Love and herhad a little moment,

but when Angel Love wastalking to her in her face,

she walked off.

So you walked off to go callMalaysia for what purpose?

But that just showsme that she was ready

to do something to me over--

TAMI: Had it been you.

Had it been me.

You know?

And what would you have done?

I'm-- I'm not goingto stand there.

Imma scrap with her.

Oh okay, I justwant to make sure.

Well yeah, heels?

I mean, I'd probablytake my nice--