• Season 5, Ep 5

Angel Brinks Talks About Her Love Life

Angel Brinks opens up to the ladies about where she stands with her ex, Tyreke Evans.

08/07/2016 · 3:12

- How are you?

[all speaking at once]

- Hey, Shaunie.

- I am happy when I walkinto the house

and everybody's sittingat the table

getting their little kiki on,

and I'm just hopingthat Shaunie and I

can join the festivities.

So what's been going on?How long y'all been here?

- Since, like, 1:00.- Awhile.

- Earlier.- Okay, earlier today.

- So what have y'allbeen doing, nothing?

- Just getting to knoweach other.

- Oh, okay, so what'dy'all find out?

- That she get irritablewhen she's hungry.

- That Malaysia'snever licked toes.

- Not really a toe person.

- I was gonna say, Malaysia,are you [bleep]?


- Now we talking.

This is what girls' weekendis all about.

- Wow, Tami.

- I just want to know.Let's just lay it all out.

Is it fun?What's it like?

- I mean, it's--

- I thought we were sharingand caring

and getting to know each other.

- I am dating,and I have had sex.

- Oh!- Whoo!

- Yes.- That's a good thing.

- I broke the seal.- Sex is good.

- So it's--yeah, it's--I'm smiling.

- Okay, okay.What about you, Angel?

- What about me?- Are you dating?

I know you were thinkingabout it kind of, but--

- Yeah, I'm open to it,but I'm, like, back and forth,

you know,with how I feel.

I've always just wanted,like, a family,

and I feel like Tyrekewould be the one.

- You want to be with him?

- So he clearly has the issue,and what is it?

- It's just hard.

Something in my heartjust, like, won't,

like, let me move on.

- Is there hope, though?

- I mean, I think so.

- So he's just keeping youto the side?

- He's controlling.- Yeah, he's just--

- Like, he's gonna alwayskeep you solo.

- He's playing games.

I really do feel a little sadfor Angel Brinks

as she's talking about herrelationship or lack thereof.

You've got to get out.

You've got to spread your wings too.

And if it's meant to be,it'll circle its way back,

but in the meantime,your [bleep] is drying up.

- Have you ever just sat downand said,

"Hey, what you want to do?"

- He told me one time that--he's like,

"No one's gonna love youlike I do,"

and that, like, stayed--like, it stayed with me.

- His [bleep] is way over there,and you're like...

- Well, I'm single.

Like, what the hell? Like--

- Holding on to that [bleep]like this--

like this cheese is holding on.


- All of you here at the table

have all been througha situation.

You have all stuck through longer than you should have.

You guys should all be understanding

to what I'm going through.

I don't need it to bea funny moment.

I just would likemaybe just an ear.

- I think we should take a shotfor the future

and for you moving onand finding love

and for Malaysia getting some.

- Not anytime soon.

- That shot for something else,

'cause that [bleep]is not happening.

And it's not until you eitherget to the point of, like,

"See? Told y'all.I held out, got him,"

or, "Okay, them bitcheswas right,"

you know what I mean?

- I think everyone plays a foolonce in their lifetime,

and I guess I've been playingthe fool

with my situation with Tyreke,and the truth hurts.

[all toasting]