• Season 5, Ep 4

Angel Has A Serious Talk With Her Son

Angel Brinks gets her son, Azari, a new pair of glasses so the kids at school won’t bully him. They have a heart to heart about what happened to her son’s father and why he isn’t in their life.

07/31/2016 · 3:56

- Oh, hi.- Hi, how are you?

- Good, how are you?- Very well.

- My son is havinga really hard time right now.

One, he's being teasedin school,

and two, he struggleswith not having

a father figurein his life.

This is my son, Azari.

- Hello.- Azari, how are you?

- Good.

- I'd really like to make him feel better,

and the first thingthat I can do

is help him pick outsome new glasses.

If we could possiblyget some that are "cool"?

- Age is very, very importantbecause, you know,

they kind of formtheir identity with the glasses

when they go to school.- Yes.

- Here's one.

- I really like thesebecause they're lighter.

I like all of them'cause they're lighter.

- Look how fun that is.I mean, honestly.

- I-I want these,actually.

- You like this one the best?- Yeah.

- Is it 'cause of the color?Or is it 'cause it's circle?

- Color and 'cause--I don't know, I just like it.

- This is fun.- I'm really happy

because I've never seencool glasses like this before

for kids.We came to the right place.

As a parent,as a mother,

you want to protectyour children

as much as you possibly can.

- So we're gonna put thisright against your forehead.

This doesn't hurt.Just look at me.

- I will always guide him in the right direction,

but I sometimes wishI just had his father around

or, you know, someoneto talk to him about that.

I have something I wantto talk to you about.

When we went shoppingthe other day

and I walked into the storeand the guy was talking to me,

remember, he was kind of beingnosy a little bit,

and he asked youabout your father?

- Uh-huh.

- And what did you say?

- I said I don't have one.

- But you knowthat you do, right?

My son's fathercommitted suicide

when I wasnine months pregnant.

I found him,

and I couldn't really enjoy the birth of my son

but mourn a loss of my husband at the time.

These are reallyreal-life situations

that are hard for me

to explainto an eight-year-old.

Why did you say that?

- Well, I don't knowhow to say, like, he died.

I don't like to say that.

- So you just say,"I don't have one"

or that he's not around?

[sniffs]I'm sorry.

- It's okay, Mommy.

- I just--I just don'twant you to say that.

When my son said, "Don't cry, Mommy,"

you know, I felt like thisis the man of my life, you know?

He's the only manI have in my life,

but him consoling me and hugging me,

you know, I felt like he wasmy strong little man.

I just--Azari,you do have a father.

No, don't cry.You do have a father.

You do have a father.I just--


No, don't cry.

What did you saythe other day

when you saidTyreke's your stepdad, right?

You have your uncles.

You have so many peoplethat love you.

God needed your fatherto come sing with the angels,

and that's what I've alwayssaid to you.

You know? And he'swith the angels,

and until you get older,

we can talk more about it,but you do have a father.

You do. I don't wantto hear you say that to anybody,

that you don't have one.

- [sniffs]

[melancholy music]

- I want you to alwaystalk to me about how you feel,

even if you thinkit's gonna make me cry.

I'm here for you always,'kay?

This is my family.This is my son.

He's an amazing kid.