• Season 5, Ep 5

The Brandi + Shaunie Sit Down Was A Waste Of Time

Shaunie, Jackie and Tami recap what happened at the sit down with Brandi, and try to figure out where things went left.

08/07/2016 ยท 2:17

how you doing,Miss Jackie?

- I am good.

This is a breath of fresh air

to come and enjoy some lunchwith you guys

and catch up after--whew.

- After...- Mm.

We're getting together today

to talk about the sit-down yesterday.

It didn't go the way any of ushad hoped it would have gone.

- I thought it was kind ofa waste of everyone's time.

Brandi, her processing thingsis a little different.

- Mm-hmm, when you want to worksomething out with somebody,

you come with a little morehumility,

and I just felt like fromthe minute she opened her mouth,

I was like, "Oh, God,this is gonna go left."

- I did too.That's how I felt.

- "This is going to goall the way left."

- I agree.

- Well, do you thinkit would have

gone differentlyif everybody wasn't there?

Like, if it was just youand her?

- Maybe so;honestly, I've never had

a one-on-one conversationwith Brandi.

- See?- Ever, since I've met her.

Never talked to her one-on-one,so I don't know that Brandi.

- Well, let me just say this.

The next meeting that we have,I'm bringing my cousins,

'cause they could geta free meal, a free drink too,

'cause I don't even knowwhy Duffey was there.

She wasn't in Puerto Rico.

- 'Cause that's her sister.

- Girl.

- Well, so I'll bringmy cousin.

- I let Duffey saywhat she had to say,

but I'm like, "You know nothingabout anything

that's going on at this table,but it's cute."

Was I tripping,or did Duffey

almost start to crywhen she was talking?

- Yes, Duffey's lipwas quivering,

and she was feelingreal emotional.

- Like, I was trying to see.

What was--did I miss--

- She felt like you weretalking down at Brandi,

and she said--she was like,

"You know, 'cause Brandi,you know, she came here,

"you know, and she wascoming to talk to you,

but, you know, you beentalking down at my sister."

- I mean, I think Duffey'sentitled to her opinion.

She just maybe felt her moment,like, "Oh, let me have a point,"

you know, and that was herpoint, and good job.

Everybody can be great.

Everybody should shine,be all this,

but we don't haveto do it together.

Maybe you do it over there,and I do it over here.

But be great over there,you know what I mean?

Be great, boo,on the other side of the wall.

- That's right.

These clams is good.

- They're not salty to you?

- Mm-mm.You don't like all that salt?

- Ooh, no. Girl, b--- [laughs]

- [laughs]- That's good.

- I love you, Jackie.- I know.

- I hope so, y'all,'cause I love you all.

- You should know that.- I do.

I love these clams.

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