• Season 5, Ep 4

Jackie Gives Shaunie The Tea

Jackie catches Shaunie up on all the drama that happened at Angel Brink’s event. Jackie takes this time to introduce Shaunie to Duffey.

07/31/2016 · 3:36

- Oh, I have missed you.

I got so muchto catch you up on, girl.

- Aw!- Ooh.

- Where you want to sit?- I'll sit right here.

I've asked Shaunie to comeand have lunch with me,

and I want herto meet Duffey.

I feel like this isa good person,

a neutral person that may beable to enlighten Shaunie and I

and help mend the fences

between Brandiand Shaunie's situation.

Girl, we went--Angel had a party, right?

'Cause, you know,she's got her stuff

in a store,Rosa Acosta's store.

- Right, right.I couldn't make it to that.

- I know,and all of a sudden

we see some commotion,and we look up,

and here comesBrandi and Duffey.

[dramatic music]

I don't thinkshe was there five minutes

before she wentstraight at Tami.

Tami just wasbasically like,

"Well, I just feel like,you know,

"with Shaunie and everything,there was some disrespect.

There were some words,and we need to fix that,"

and she was like,"Well, she was a bitch.

She was a bitch at that time,and I said it, and blah, blah,"

and, I mean,just totally, totally evasive.

- Mm-hmm.- She would not back down.

- I'm so overthis Brandi conversation.

Girl, I don't care what's goingthrough Brandi's mind.

I--nothing,that's the answer.


- Girl, look.

- [grumbles]- Okay, so I pull Duffey

to the side--and I'ma make this quick

'cause she's probablygonna be here any minute,

and I said, "Duffy,I really need you"--

after this whole big exchangebetween them guys,

I said, "I really need youto meet Shaunie.

Can I introduce you to her?"

At this time I'm justtelling her that,

"I want to introduce you to herfor you to get to know her

"and judge for yourselfbut also maybe

"you could shed lighton this whole thing,

"because Brandiis totally evasive.

She's out of control."- Mm-hmm.

- By the time we got donetalking, after I convinced her,

she was like,"Okay, I'ma do it.

I want to meet Shaunie,"so she's cool with it.

[rhythmic music]

Hey.- What's up?

As I'm walking in, I feel likeI'm walking into,

like, the principal's office,and, like,

Shaunie's like the principal,and Jackie's like the teacher,

and I'm a student.

- This is Shaunie.Shaunie, this is Duffey.

- Hi, nice to meet you.- Hi, Duffey.

- You know, it's just really weird.

It's, like,I don't know, awkward.

Hey.- I'm glad you could come.

- Thank you.Thanks for having me.

Brandi has been going through a lot, especially with Jason.

I'm willing to helpany way that I can

to give her some kind of happiness, peace, and Zen

because that's something thatI do for my friends.

- I kind of wanted to justbring you guys together

so you could meeteach other.

You know, basically for you guysto get to know each other,

and maybe you could shed lighton what Brandi's thinking.

- I know there needs to bea conversation.

I know Shaunie and Brandineed to talk,

but the last thing I want is Brandi

to walk into a situationthat I know is gonna end bad.

Yeah, I'm actuallykind of glad,

after I thought about itlast night,

that we're doing this,

because I wantto kind of judge you myself...

- Mm-hmm.- And just hear,

you know,what you feel.

- Well, I amkind of baffled

on every time everybodygets together,

that the topic is this

because it's not a topic,really, in my world,

but I hear it's, like,you know,

she goes in and goes offand screaming

and yelling and cussingand all that.

Like, I don't letthat type of stuff bother me,

you know what I mean?Like, it's just so low

on the totem pole that itjust is not gonna affect my day.

I'm not gonna sit up hereand go off

and call her all kind of--just not that deep.

[dramatic music]

- She's just rude,you know?

Shaunie's just rude.

Her comments about"low on the totem pole,"

saying things like that,this is the reason

why Brandi called youa bitch,

because who says thatto their friend?

And that's why I feel likeit might be good

for y'all to communicate,and maybe you'll realize

that everything wasa big misunderstanding

'cause a lot of timesthat's what arguments are.

It's miscommunication,misunderstanding,

you know,and like I said--

- Or just wrong.

What I won't do istalk to her hollering