• Season 5, Ep 5 · Bonus

Tami Talks About Sex

Tami invites Jackie, and some other friends to her radio show “Love Talk & Hot Jams.” The ladies talk about some very intimate topics.

08/07/2016 · 3:23

[music playing]

TAMI ROMAN: OK, you all ready?

Let's do it.

TAMI ROMAN: Three two--What's up, everybody?

You know what time it is.

It's Tami Roman'sLove Talk and--

Hot Jamz.

And I've got myco-pilot in the building.

The Love Doctor.

Yes sir, it's your boy Reggie,I be here spin the knowledge.

Reggie and I have a radioshow in Houston called

"Love Talk and Hot Jamz".

And basically, what thisshow is all things sex.

I've been married, divorced,I've had several relationships,

I have children, so Icould talk about life,

but that's notreally interesting.

So I figured I'dtalk about [bleep]

because that wouldmake people tune in.

We're talking about whatwomen do to maintain

their relationships.

How far are womengoing these days?

A young lady wastelling me he wanted

a threesome for his birthday.

Me personally, I feel like ifyou find something you love,

and it's worth it, thenthere's just certain sacrifices

and compromises that you two--

So you feel a threesomeis a sacrifice?


No, no, no, no.

I'm just saying-- No.

I don't-- I feellike it's an event.


A threesome is an event?

Let's elaborate on that.

So do you have other womenin your relationship?


Not now.

You mean like today?

REGGIE: Have youever had a threesome?


No, yeah.I mean, yeah.

I have.

It's just part of life.

What type or threesome was it?

Because nowadays, it don'tjust be two women and a guy.

It would be twoguys and a woman.

Yeah, no.

If it's two men, it's a train.

Yeah, I don't--

You got to elaborate on that.

Because nowadays, peopleare doing like-- threesomes,

it's different.

They want fingersin their booty now.


It be finger time.

There's nothing wrong withthe finger in the booty.


TAMI ROMAN: I mean, somepeople are into that.

Reggie, are you into that?

REGGIE: I'm not into that.No.

Wait, isn't there like--

If I'm with a guy,he'd be like ooh,

can you play with my booty?

And I'm not-- no.

Yeah, see and-- well,I haven't had that.

But what if he askedfor you to do that?

JACKIE: If my husband did?

PARIS PHILLIPS: Yeah,if he asked you.

Well then, I probably wouldexperience that with him.

See, I'm not-- no.

We're divorced the next day.

JACKIE: Oh, no!No.

Just because you ask--

That's why theyget colonox-kraphy.



You done made it aclass, like photography.



So Jackie, what do you think?Threesomes.

Good, or not?-I would have a problem.

It would be a fight.

JACKIE: I personallythink that's dangerous.

Yeah, it would be a fight.

I would never-- Ialready explained to him,

there will be none of that.

I don't want a threesome.

You know why?JACKIE: Oh, Reggie.

No, no.Straight up.

I done had them.

But have you had themwith a woman you love?

This is my Queen, man.

You know what I mean?

So I don't-- I feel likethat's kind of degrading.

So if she surprised youone day for your birthday?

I'm gonna have to acceptthe surpr-- No, I'm

not gonna accept the surprise.


You're gonna say ooh no, baby.

Cuz it's kind of degrading.

What about women who wantto be in a relationship,

or want to have a man sobad, that they're settling

for men who are bisexual?

See, I think that's sexy.

I think bisexual men are sexy.

I just think that you can'tjudge what another person

chooses to do with theirsexuality, and everybody--

in some form or another have--You know when you're little,

and you're-- youknow, your cousins

and your girlfriendsor stuff, you

might have humped a little bit.

So everybody has experiencedsome form of bisexuality,

usually, in life.

This has been TamiRoman's Love Talk and--

Hot Jamz.

All right, y'all.

We're out.