• Season 5, Ep 6

Shaunie Does Impersonations Of The Girls

Tami and Shaunie go over what happened at Big Bear Mountain. Tami can not hold in her laughter when Shaunie does her Angel Brinks and Duffey impressions.

08/14/2016 ยท 2:36

- Right?[laughs]

I really thoughtthat Big Bear was gonna be

a completelydifferent experience.

You know, I thought I was gonnago up there, sit by the fire,

you know, have a few drinks,toast some marshmallows,

and everybody was all gonna bekumbaya.

- So we're just gonnalet it sit for a few minutes,

and then we'll come back inand check on you guys,

all right?- Okay, cool.

- Thank you.

- Unfortunately, you know,

when you put these six bitchestogether,

that is definitely not gonna bethe outcome.

How did that one-on-one gowith Brandi?

'Cause I--you know,I was trying to give you all--

I just kept peeking, but you--I couldn't hear nothing, girl.

I was trying to hear.

Was that a real momentfrom you, Shaunie,

or was that a, like,"We up here in Big Bear.

Let me just getthrough the moment

so I can getback down the hill?"

- I sincerely meant I was sorry,

and I guess she did too.

That's how I took it.- Okay.

- I guess that'swhat she needed from me.

The words in itselfweren't really important.

It was the moment, and I feellike we both walked away okay.

That moment was real to me,and we can move on.

Okay, Jackie called me,and she was telling me

that the Angels are

really mad at each other.

According to Jackie,she's, you know,

"That bitch ain't my friend."

- Really?

- Right? That's what I said.

- And this is Brinkssaying that and not Love?

Because I think if anybody wasgonna have that position,

it would have been her.

- It would have been Love.

Right, no, Angel Love isapparently over it.

Whatever. Now Angel Brinksis like,

"But you accused meof not being your friend.

You accused meof not having your back.

That hurts my feelings."- Oh, jeez.

- Girl, get some backboneand put up a middle finger

or something, not careabout every little thing.

- Angel Love wanteda little more volume.

- Uh, yeah. I didn't expect herto get up and fight,

but maybe, like, "Hey."

- "Bring down your volume,let's all--"

- "Let's--" Yeah, "You allare yelling at my friend,"

but what'd she do?

[imitates Angel Brinks]"Wait a minute, so Malaysia,

"are you saying that Angel wasbeing disrespectful?

"'Cause I didn't see--I didn'tfeel that way.


- Go from that oneright into Duffey.

- [imitates Duffey]Yeah.

She was being mad disrespectful.

My sister was saying--trying to say--

- [screams with laughter]You did not say my sister!

- And so what I put it in,'cause you spit it out anyway.

- I can't take you right now.

- Okay.- With your impersonations.

[upbeat music]