• Season 5, Ep 5 · Bonus

Jackie's Duffey Impression

While giving Angle Love all the details of the Shaunie + Brandi sit down, Jackie does an interesting Duffey impression.

08/07/2016 · 2:04

Girl, I got so much,Angel, to tell you about.


Angel Love and I are going fora gingerly walk in the park,

and I just feel like I wantto tell her about the Shawnie

and Brandy sit down.

Brandy was supposed toapologize to Shawnie, right?


So we have a meeting.

We sit down, weall start chatting,

and I'm sitting here thinkingthe whole time-- I'm hungry,

for one, I'm there'sthis bread on the table,

and I'm thinking, let mejust keep my mouth shut.

Cause you know, sometimes Ican interject, and I'm like,

this is really about Shawniestating to Brandy what

Brandy did to her that's wrong.


Everybody wassitting there, we're

waiting for this big apology,and Shawnie, she's hoping maybe

Brandy will realize thatrespect is at hand right now.

You need to respect me.

And for some reason, shewasn't respecting her at all.

She just was like, look,blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

So then Duffy decidesshe wants to interject,

and she jumps in and goes,Brandy came here with

the intent to talkto you, and make it--

you know, because that's mysister, and my sister say-

No way.

And I'm not even making funof her, because I like Duffy,

but the way she wassaying it, all I could see

was her lips, causethey were juicy,

and they had this lip gloss.

And she was going,cause she's my sister.

I know my sister, andI know her attitude.

But for my sister toput her pride aside,

and to come here even whenshe felt like she was right,

and then the way you'vebeen making my sister

feel like she's nothing.

When Duffy says, and mysister, and my sister, I

just stare at her, andI stare at her lips.

Because at the same timethey're cute, and they're big,

and they're juicy, and they'reshiny, because she wears

all this lip gloss, andshe's like-- and my sister,

and my sister.

And that's all Ihear her say, as

soon as she starts saying it.

So, I don't know what'sgoing on with Duffy

and this whole sister thing.

So Shawnie says, youknow what, Brandy?

Basically, I'm done with you.

Brandy said, well, I don'twant to deal with you, either.


She's basically beingstubborn as hell.

You know you're wrong,admit that you're wrong,

and do whatever yougotta do to fix it,

instead of not fessingup to your wrongness.


What is wrong with you?