• Season 5, Ep 5

Shaunie + Brandi Sit Down Part 2

Shaunie and Brandi cross paths again and try settling things one-on-one.

08/07/2016 ยท 2:11

We gonna getready for the pool.

- The Jacuzzi.- Is the Jacuzzi warm enough?

- Let me go see.- Let me go see what's up.

- Dinner's over with,and, you know, Shaunie and I

have done a great jobat ignoring one another.

I don't have a problem with her.

Everybody's havinga good time.

So, Miss O'Neal.

- Yes?- You like my vegetable medley?

- I do.I'm eating out the bowl.

- Did you guyssquash your issue?

- Yes, 'cause she's eatingmy vegetable medley.

- I didn't have an issue.

- Y'all think y'all could havea conversation?

- Do we need a conversation?

- I think y'all might needa conversation.

- Tami seems to feel likethis is the perfect opportunity

to suggest that Brandi and I have part two

of this releasethat needs to be done.

I could have used dessert first.

- So I had first agreedto us talking,

but I thought it wasjust gonna be you and I...

- Mm.- Instead of the group.

I'm a strong believer in justrectifying the situation

and admitting my wrongs,and I know I had a lot of wrong,

and if we never be friends againor be cool again

or do, you know, whatever,that's okay,

but I don't want it to bebad blood,

because in a lot of ways,

you have helped me out,and I admire you.

- Well, I appreciate that,Brandi.

I definitely thinkthat Brandi is sincere,

and I'm gonna take her for her word.

I still don't really, like,mesh with Brandi,

but I can be around Brandi.

If I said anythingto hurt your feelings

or, you know, things that weredisrespectful, I--

- What you gonna say?

- What? I was gonna say--

- What you gonna say?You what?

- I apologize.

- Okay, you apologized.

Whoa.Shaunie apologized to me.

I feel like now we, as women,

is showing growththat we can actually

resolve a issue finally.

Hug.- It is all good, Brandi.

- Thank you so much.

- Okay, so now they can knowthat we gave each other a hug.

[dramatic music]