• Season 5, Ep 6

Angel Love + Angel Brinks Make Up

Angel Love and Angel Brinks meet to talk about the status of their friendship.

08/14/2016 ยท 3:04

I'm happy to see you.- Really?

- Yeah. I'm actually happythat you came to meet me.

- After what happened in Big Bear,

I feel really disrespectedby Angel

because I brought heraround these group of girls,

and Angel has the audacityto say that she wishes

she had friends like them.

That is the biggest slapin my face,

so her and I really havenothing to talk about

until I get an apology.

- I feel like I came to LA.

You asked me to support you.

You asked me to just be therefor you,

and, like, without a question,without a problem,

that's what I did,and I felt like at Big Bear

those same actions wasn'tapplied to me.

- Are you--are you seriousright now?

- I'm so serious.

- I stood next to youthe whole time,

got up from where I was at,

got next to you on the bed,like, let them bitches know,

like, I'm here with my girl.

Ain't nothing was gonnahappen to you,

and I felt likeif I wasn't screaming,

or as loudas you wanted me to be

that it wasn't good enoughfor you.

- I didn't hear anything,Angel.

- Let me tell you,when everybody's screaming

and you're screaming, Angel,

who the hell's gonna belistening?

You turned to me and was like,

"I wish I had friendslike them."

- Angel.- That's--like,

I brought you around.

How do you say that to someonethat brought you around

a group of girlsthat don't like you,

that you don't like them?

- What I said was I admire thatthey stood up for each other.

I admire that they supportedeach other,

and that's what I wantedfrom you,

and I feel like you should beable to respect

how I felt at that moment.

Like, I'm like, "Who the [bleep]I got now?" Like, what?

- Yeah, because I feellike you're settling

for my friendship.

I wanted to jumpacross that bed

and freaking pullyour hair out.

- What?

Like, what did I do?

I was the one verbally attacked.

I was the one in this battleby myself.

I wouldn't have never thoughtyou would have thought,

like, I really want themas my friends.

I just respect the factthat they felt

like they had to jump in,

when if she feltlike Malaysia was

drowning in the conversation,

Duffey jumped in,or whoever jumped in.

I just felt like that'swhat I wanted

from them and from you.- Listen--

- I don't want them.I want you as my friend.

That's why I called youto come here,

because I love you,and I value you,

and I appreciateyour friendship,

and that's what I want from you,

and I just feltlike I just wanted

to feel your presence more,Angel.

- I didn't want itto get crazy.

I wanted you to be able to saywhat you had to say

without it beinga big altercation.

Me being by your side saysa whole lot,

and I truly,truly have your back.

- I mean, at the end of the day, that's my girl.

Me and Angel havenever had disagreements.

This is our first time

actually coming into somethingweird like this,

so it's just growing painsin the relationship,

and everyone goes through it.

I just want you to knowthat I'm sorry,

and I want to move on from it.

- And I want you to understandthat I am sorry too,

and I'm really sorrythat I hurt you

and that--it hurt me to see that.

Angel and I have a real friendship,

and for her to apologize to meeven though she was hurt

makes me feel like, okay,I got my apology.

We understand each other,and I feel a lot better now.

- I'm so happyyou came to see me.

I'm so happy that we made up.I got my friend back.

- I know.

- It makes me feel so good.- Let's not let them do that.

Let's not let nobody

come between us.- We're not.

- For real, you can't. - No.