• Season 5, Ep 12 · Bonus

Angel Brinks Is Hurt After Hearing About January and Tyreke Evans

Angel Brinks talks about how she feels after finding out that January slept with that father of her child, Tyreke Evans. Brandi and Angel Love show their support.

09/25/2016 · 2:26

[music playing]

BRANDI: OK, my crack is out.

Crack booty.

It was a rough night for Brinks.

Love and I are goingto check up on her.

There she is.

How are you?


How are you?

That's my mood right now.


You're blue?

You're sad?

I'm sad.

I'm obviously sad right now.

And the news that I heardat the video release party

wasn't the best news.

I'm Angel Brinks.

You, who are you?

I think Jackie just wantsme to tell you that I slept

with your [bleep] baby father.

No, I didn't wantyou to do that.


ANGEL BRINKS: Itwas so humiliating.

It was so embarrassing.

I mean, I don't know.

What did that bitch think,that I'm gonna go and sabotage

my situation with Tyreke?

No, I don't think so.

That's my family, bitch.

You are the gutter.

Tyreke is my family.

I fell in love with this man.

I love him.

Like, I really do.

And I don't want to be inthese type of situations.


I just don't.

I hate it.

You did real good.

I was like, oh[bleep], that was good.

It was real classy.

ANGEL LOVE: It was.-Clatchet.

ANGEL LOVE: I was proud of you.

Look at you.

ANGEL LOVE: Angel Brinkswas, like, clatchet.

You know, like, she was classyand ratchet at the same time.

Like it was cute.

After everything that I'mhearing, that she's just been,

like, everywhere---I don't know.

She nasty.

I'm still swipingmy card, bitch.

And you're still overthere chasing a car.

Like [bleep] outta here.

You could never bea bitch like me.

I just want toknow what happened.

Like who asked what?

Because Jackie was, I feltlike she was instigating.

BRANDI: I think maybe it wasone of those little things

of like, Angel, lookat this little bitch.

And that's great.

However, there's a timeand place for that.

I get it.

This is not the time and place.

You're not going to giveme some bad news like that

and then have me sitthere, face the girl.

I can't even do nothing.

So what am I goingto do, sit here

and be like, well, OK, cool.Oh you [bleep] him?

All right, cool.

So if I punch this bitchin the face, then what?

I really, really wantedto snatch her by her hair

and beat the [bleep] out of her.

And then I thought.

I was like, this is a Becky.

This is a groupie.

This is jersey-chaser girl.

So why would I do this?

Because at the endof the day, she's

[bleep] these dudes for money.

So if I put my hands on her,guess what she fitting to do?

Get my money.

Have you come acrosssomething like this before?

No, I haven't.

Because I haven'tbeen to jail yet.