• Season 5, Ep 12 · Bonus

Is Reggie Ready To Marry Tami?

Doug, Reggie, and Jason prepare to cook for their ladies. Reggie talks about being ready for the next step in his relationship with Tami.

09/25/2016 · 2:18

[music playing]

-Hey, what's goin' on?-Hey.

REGGIE: How you doing?-What's going on?

What's happening? [laughs]

BRIAN HILL: Come on in.Watch you head.

You guys are more tallerthan I am, so come on around.

Come on around.-OK.

[interposing voices]

As long as you hitthe stomach, I ain't

worried about the head, baby.

BRIAN HILL: Well,here's the thing.

I'm glad that youalluded to the stomach,

because this is the fun part.

It's a roasted beefsteaktomato and basil soup, OK?


You literally go in, chu-chu,and just every single beefsteak

tomato, makecertain it's coated,

and then put it right in thatsucker, the convection oven,

in the center.

And we'll do itfor seven minutes.

DOUG CHRISTIE: You want meto get down in there too?

-Go ahead.-My head.


JASON MAXWELL:[inaudible] Come on now.

[interposing voices]


REGGIE: [inaudible]glazing. [inaudible].

You see that?

Come on, Reg.

[laughs] You's a pro.

Gotta massage it, huh?

You do.

You just got to, uh, you know.-Ah!

I like massaging.

You don't like massaging?

JASON MAXWELL: I like massaging.

[interposing voices]

Do y'all girls even cook?

Jackie don't cook.

There it is.

No, Jackie don't cook.

I'm the chef.

JASON MAXWELL: Exactly.-Yeah.

JASON MAXIELL: [inaudible]I don't disagree with.

I love it, actually.

I'm cool with that.

Tami tried to lie, say she got12 good dishes she can good.



How many you seen, though?


[interposing voices]

I seen a solid three.


All right.


BRIAN HILL: Reg, you married?

I'm not married, no.


Oh my way, possibly.

Yeah, you on deck.

Like they say in baseball--

They say on deck!

On deck.You're on deck.

I'm on deck for real.

You the vet, though, man.

-He is.-Man.

JASON MAXWELL: Yousall made it work.

Do everything.


20 years, man.

You know, it's allabout-- you guys,

it's all about commitment, man.

And then likegrowing up, I didn't

have my pop, so Iwas always like, I

want to do something different.

So I decided that, look,once I do this, I'm in.


I'm kinda on theother side of it.

Hey, you goin' burn something?

What you done did, dog?

Hey, man, it wasn'tthat I was burning.

You know, our chefdidn't come back.

And I'm hearing it, right?


So I'm like, thatdon't sound right.

So I decided to takeit into my own hands.