• Season 5, Ep 6 · Bonus

Duffey Is Not Here For Angel Love

Duffey and Brandi spend quality time with their sons. Duffey takes this time to catch Brandi up on what happened between her and Angel Love.

08/14/2016 · 2:56

[music playing]

-You gotta mix this.-Oh.

-Oh, that?-Yeah.

Well, we have--

Naomi, lemme see yours.

Let me pour some more yellow.

I've been out of town thepast couple of days traveling

and DJing, so I wantedto get Brandi and her son

together with me and my son, soI could spend time with my son,

but also with Brandi.

We have a lot of thingswe need to catch up on.

So I already knew that meand Angel had the little beer

or whatever from the cabin.

And I agreed togo meet with her,

because I wanted to justmove on and get over it.

So I go, and shewas like, basically,

me taking up her Malaysia,she didn't feel like I

should have said anything.

She felt like she wasbeing nice to Malaysia.


She felt like what?

She felt like shewas being nice.

BOY: Mommy.

So, um, Angel got her littleattitude, and I was like,

here you go withyour attitude again.

And even Jackie waskind of looking like--

Was she yellin'?

Just [clicks tongue] And[clicks tongue] [inaudible].

Ugh, I would haveinstantly threw up.

She gets on my nerves.

I was like-- I'mlike, calm down, girl.

Calm down.

Just calm down.

And then next thingI know, I was like,

uh, go do anothervideo, I'm over you.

She was like, videos are myhobby, I just do it for fun.

OK, yeah, you do it for fun,and that's why your man's not

with you, because don't nobodywant their girl grinding

on guys in music videos.

Wait a minute!

Wait a minute, wait a minute,wait a minute, wait a minute,

wait a minute, wait, wait, wait.

What happened?

I told her that that'swhy her man's not with her.

And then she had the nerve totell me that she doesn't, and

I'm like, girl, I just sawa video yesterday of you

in these little, bitty bootyshorts and this cutoff shirt

all rubbing on aguy against a car.

Recently, a rapperreached out to me

and asked me to watchhis music video.

And I saw that AngelLove was all over him.

And you know, her trying to actlike she was better than me,

I just had to let herknow, like, sweetheart,

I know all about you, andI know how you get down.

She was like, yeah,that's why you got bodies.

And I was like, girl,you don't even know me

or know anything about my city.

I ain't never seenyou in my city.

You were dating a manon a team in my city,

and I never seen you, butI seen him all the time.

You don't know.

Yeah, I clearly heardabout some other girl.

I never heard about her.

DUFFEY: You was neverin no bedroom I was in.

I did not know of noAngel Love, honey.

I never seen an Angel Love.

There was no Angel Loveat the club when her man

was there popping bottles.

She was reallyjust a non-factor.

So for her to act like sheknows anything about Dallas

or even the Dallaslife, like, sweetheart,

you wasn't even invited.

You got three degrees.

You tellin' me you anurse and you [inaudible].

You know what?

I think that three degreesstuff is a little fraught to me.

I wish I-- I need to see--

'Cause she don't soundlike a lay-- what do you--

I need the receipts, honey.

Are you sure shehas three degrees?

Like, I'm just confused, becauseshe doesn't act like a woman

with three degrees.

She does this for hobbies,so like, what do you do?

What is your job?

What do you do?

How do you survive?

How do you live?

By getting pregnantby basketball players.