• Season 5, Ep 6

Angel Love Doesn't Like Surprises

Jackie brings Angel Love and Duffey together, hoping that they can workout their differences.

08/14/2016 ยท 3:37

- So I didn't tell Angelthat was inviting you to come,

but I wanted to bring us threetogether because--

- Surprise!

- What a surprise.

- I know I said I did not wantto hang out

with this girl anymore,but the good, kindhearted,

sweet Southern girl that I am,

I decided to do it.

I'm instantly startingto regret it.

- I just want to say let's hashout our differences together.

At Big Bear, Angel wasn't happywith the way things went down.

She felt like three of y'all wasjumping against one person.

- I don't feellike we were jumping you.

I felt like I wasmore standing up for Malaysia.

I did feel like you were beingreally rude to her,

considering she was tryingvery hard to be positive.

- This is the thingright here.

The situation with Malaysia,Brandi,

I just want you to speakon your behalf.

- So let's just talk aboutthe situation with Malaysia,

'cause like I said,I was defending--

- Let's just talk aboutthe situation with you,

and that was you puttingsomething in my drink,

and if you can't come hereto apologize to me--

- Girl.- Yes, girl, please nothing.

- Okay, here we go.It's just another excuse

that Angel Love can usefor her behavior.

I'm over the whole drink thing.

It really was notthat big of a deal.

- If you can't come hereto apologize to me

about what you did,

then there's nothing elseI have to say to you.

- Angel, I apologize for puttingalcohol in your drink.

- Thank you, Duffey.- Thank you. Thank you.

- Okay, so now can we talkabout the real issue?

Because that'snot the real issue.

- Thank you. Thank you.Well, if it's something

dealing with Malaysia,

then Malaysia can speakon herself.

- I'm letting you knowhow I, Duffey, feel about you.

I felt that you were very rude.

- But it don't matter how you--- It does matter,

because I have to be around youtoo, and that affects

the way that I act,so what I'm saying is

you should treat everyonewith respect

and be kind to people,and then you won't get

no negativity out of me,period.

- Okay, first thingI asked Malaysia

when she came upstairs was,"Do you really feel

like I was threateningBrandi?"

That's all I asked her,but you chose to jump in

and defend her for nothing.

- No, I did it for a reason,and I'm glad I did it.

- And then you--you reallycaused the whole big situation.

You jumped in,caused the whole situation.

- And so what, and whatever,who cares? Yeah, I did.

Right now you're beingreally rude.

- Okay, oh, so now you seewhat it feels like

when someone's being rude,right?

- You're being really rude.- You don't like that, right?

- It doesn't matterhow you feel about me.

I don't give a [bleep].

- We can go back and forthall day. That's fine.

- It don't matterhow you feel about me,

so it doesn't even matter.

- Okay, you can continueto do your music videos

and go onwith the rest of your life.

- No, I--music videos--I'm a nurse also.

- That's all you do. No.- Yeah, I've done music videos.

I've worked for major artists.Kanye West, Future,

Rick Ross, Justin Timberlake.

Like, come on now, girl.You just a hater.

- You have three degrees,but all you do is

dance on men in music videos.- I don't dance.

- That's probablywhy your baby daddy's

not with you right now,okay?

- What? I'm with my man.

- No, you're not.You could have been, you know,

working your little ITT degreesor whatever you did,

but instead you decidedto go make 100 bucks to, like,

grind on a man, hoping thatthat baller in the video

would wife you,and they didn't.

- And you never saw that--- You see this ring?

I do what I do,don't worry about--you wish.

You wish. You wish.

- My man played for Dallas,

and I'm amongstthe basketball girlfriends

and the basketball wives,

and her name has came upseveral times.

Duffey, you got bodies, boo.

And she needs to be worryingabout her

spreading herself thinacross the court, okay?

Let's go.We could go body for body, baby.

- I living without a manfor the last...

- You live with Brandi.Stop it.

- She's talking about me sleeping with men in Dallas.

That was not true. She's sittinghere blatantly lying in my face,

which is making meeven more upset.

You keep it up, I'm gonnablock you out of the industry,

and you won't be able to dono more music videos.

- It don't matter--

- I will run you down.

[dramatic music]

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